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Writer Tsai Ing-wen's "rich second generation": don't make English unhappy

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The 2016 candidate Cai Yingwen has a background similar to that of Lian Shengwen, both of whom are the winners of life with a golden spoon. The picture shows Cai Yingwen received the "sister-in-law" from the party workers. (Data map from Taiwan media)

China Net, June 25—Last year ’s "nine in one" election, Taipei mayor candidate Lian Shengwen was born of the Net Army ’s family, was called "rich second generation", "rely on dad" and even "do n’t let Shengwen is unhappy ". On the 25th, the writer Los Angeles-based submitted the book "China Times" to Times Square, thinking that the 2016 candidate Cai Yingwen was in line with the point of the original streak, and it was a "newspaper."

Lian Shengwen was born with a golden spoon, plus schooling, career, family, etc., which made the Internet army appetite and hate him. , Life journey can be described as smooth sailing, then whether Hong Xiuzhu's campaign team should also shout "Don't make English unhappy", so that Cai Yingwen tasted the taste of Lian Shengwen.

According to Los Angeles, "It's not that we didn't arrive without a report." In the beginning, how the Nets won the game in succession, Cai Yingwen might also be nervous. (China Network Zhu Lian)

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