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Tencent Animation-Horse Jump Zone

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Title: "Naughty Pack Horse Jump"

Duration: 22 minutes / episode, 52 episodes

Style: 2D combined with 3D

Type: Easy, Witty, Family, Puzzle

Audience: Adolescents are adapted from the popular children's literature series of the same name by the famous children's literature writer Yang Hongchen. Adhering to the characteristics of humor and humor of the original work, by describing the happy life of a group of naughty children and their fun stories with parents, teachers, and classmates, it reflects the real life and inner dynamics of contemporary children, understands and communicates, and advocates to encourage children to build healthy and positive Life attitudes and behaviors.

China Film Animation Industry Co., Ltd. (English name is China Film Animation Ltd., abbreviated as CFA in English) is a Chinese-foreign joint venture animation industry company jointly established by China Film Group Corporation and EAE Group Inc. A Chinese-foreign joint venture animation film production company with production rights of films, TV films and animation works approved by the Ministry of Commerce of the People's Republic of China was officially established on June 20, 2005.

China Film Animation Industry Co., Ltd. is a new joint-stock company based on the China Children's Film Studio, backed by the existing resources of the China Film Group, and developing the Chinese animation industry as a goal. % Of the shares become the largest shareholder of China Film Animation Industry Co., Ltd., and has absolute control over China Film Animation. China Film Animation Industry Co., Ltd. has become the core enterprise of "National Animation Industry".

If Ma Xiaotiao stayed in his mother's stomach for ten months like a normal child, he could have been the same birthday as his father, Mr. Ma Tianxiao, but he just stayed for eleven months, so he became Mr. Ma Tianxiao. A pity. Like to do 1, jump. 2, play. Play creatively. 3. Do whatever you want. No rules. 4 with good friends. ... [Detailed introduction]

Personality: gentle, family friendly, innocent yet lovely, kind and considerate, affectionate, crying, laughing, eating, fantasizing, not opinionated, careless specialty: window designer with extraordinary aesthetic vision and unique insights Although it does not cook itself, it can deliciously process the semi-finished products from the supermarket. ... [Detailed introduction]

Has childlike imagination. Mr. Ma Tianxiao is a very special person. He even jumps from horse to horse. Ma Xiaotiao is not necessarily the naughtiest child of his age. Mr. Ma Tianxiao is definitely the same age adult with the most ideas, otherwise how can he be a toy designer? ... [Detailed introduction]

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