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Xi'an launches its first English-language city anthem

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Recently, the Xi'an Tourism Bureau cooperated with the famous singer Huo Zun to launch a pure English single "Tang Poem" with the theme of promoting Xi'an, which was included in Huo Zun's first solo album "Tian Yun Huo Zun".

The lyrics tell the story of a foreigner who came to Chang'an to search for poets not far away during the Tang Dynasty. All the English lyrics were translated into Tang poems and five quatrains at the same time, but they were natural and smooth, with beautiful melodies and magnificent arrangements. The comprehensive score broke the table, and since the release, it has been reprinted by a large number of users. At present, "Tang Poem" has a click-through rate of 634,000 on Fenghuang.com and Yinyuetai has a click-through rate of over 368,000. It has ranked No. 1 in the Chinese Bus Music Chart 152, and the total click-through rate is over 14.547 million person-times. The MV for "Tang Poem" was simultaneously announced on major websites such as Yinyuetai, Sina, Youku, Sohu, Fenghuang.com, and related TV reports from Liaoning Satellite TV and BTV. It is reported that the matching 30-minute "Finding Chang'an" recently appeared in the "One Travel, One Song" program of the CCTV-15 music channel "Today's Music". (Reporter Jordan)

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