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Chinese and English Bilingual Picture Books

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Book Description: This is a set of elaborate picture books created by e-future, Korea ’s largest English education group, to invite professors from Seoul National University of the Arts to reinterpret the classic fairy tale "Mother Goose" with the painting style of modern art masters. Grimm's Fairy Tales, etc., and invited renowned English education expert Julie Sormark to compile according to the characteristics of English language. This set of books has been collected in the Museum of Art, Seoul National University of the Arts, and I hope more children will meet this set of classic books.

Can I only see the masterpieces of painting masters at the museum? Is it possible to read the world's most classic fairy tales at once in the library? Is it possible to feel the most beautiful and interesting English only by sending children abroad? Tell you, NO. With such a set of books, you can satisfy more than three of your wishes at once-"Bilingual Picture Books in Chinese and English by Big Artists".

Audio book for "Big Artist Chinese-English Bilingual Picture Book"-best for children aged 3-10 years in Asia to learn English. The audio is in the form of a small theater. It is read aloud in different roles. It is authentic, colorful, lively and interesting. Children must love it! This set of books is very interesting. The text is a classic fairy tale. The drawings are illustrations of the styles of world art masters such as Van Gogh, Cezanne, Monet, Rembrandt, Matisse, etc. It can be said that they are double classic art picture books that pay tribute to the classics. This set of books was imported from South Korea. The English language was prepared by e-future, the largest English education group in South Korea, and invited well-known English education experts. It is beautiful, smooth, standardized and rhyming. The supporting book is available on Dangdang. The entire series has a total of 20 volumes and is currently published. This is the first volume of 10 volumes.

Kawabata Yasunari once said: "Beauty is the income of crickets, and it is the income of closeness. This needs to be cultivated repeatedly. We are fortunate to have such a beautiful book. There are three kinds of beauty in this set of books. The first is the beauty of painting. When we opened them, the maverick style of those brilliant stars in the history of fine arts came forward. English

The creators, mainly teachers and students from the Department of Fine Arts, Seoul National University, combine these famous painting schools and master styles with classic fairy tales that people know well to create another classic. The colorful colors, the lines, the rich composition, and the corner of the famous paintings that are familiar, all convey the essence of beauty, and at the same time express the noble salute of the creator to the master. Van Gogh's self-portrait can be seen in "Pokemon and Shoemaker", sunflowers are placed at the corner of the shoemaker's house, and the crooked beds in Van Gogh's "Bedroom" are very closely combined with the story and displayed in the picture.

Monet's "Water Lily", Manet's "Flute Piper" ... This form is not only an innovation but also a heritage. Let us appreciate the reason why classics are classics, and the vitality of classics has been borrowed and created again. The second is the beauty of the story. The stories are all classic fairy tales, such as "Little Girl Selling Matches", "The Last Leaf" and "Happy Prince", etc. Not only are they loved by children all over the world, but they also have long-lasting meanings. They grow with us and are an important part of our growth memories.

The third is the beauty of language. This series of books is the largest English language education institution in Korea. Future has invited well-known English education experts to rewrite the story. When the series was introduced to China, teachers and teachers of the Children's Art Education Studio of the Department of Fine Arts Education of the Central Academy of Fine Arts were invited. Students with a background of studying abroad have translated this series of books together. They have pursued faithfulness, elegance, and elegance. They have been read well and elegantly, and they have fully reflected the wisdom and wisdom of collective power.

Master Yaoshan once said: cloud is in the sky and water is in the bottle. The clouds on the blue sky were floating, and the water in the bottle was on the table, one so high and the other so shallow. When we are feeling the beauty, holding such a book in our hands is like looking up at the bright starry sky, and our hearts are full of children's true and simple emotions. The blue sky and the water in the bottle filled the mind, and suddenly remembered that the philosopher Martin Buber said: Every real life is an encounter. And all encounters are my encounters with you. We meet here.

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