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First Sweet 5 English Name Sugar75

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Sweet corn single cross. The full growth period is 78 to 79 days, which is 4 to 6 days later than Sui Tian No. 1. The plant height is 217 to 248 cm, the ear height is 57 to 76 cm, the ear length is 18.7 to 20.2 cm, the ear thickness is 4.7 to 5.4 cm, and the bald top is 1.2 to 2.2 cm. The fresh weight of a single bud is 296-438 grams, the thousand-grain weight is 339-415 grams, the seed yield is 72.61%, and the first-fruit rate is 87.48%. Ear cone, grain, soluble sugar content 17.74% ~ 19.09%. The plants are neat and vigorous, the plant type is semi-compact, the growth is strong in the first and middle stages, the leaves are thick green, the greenness is good in the later period, the ears are thick, the ears are beautiful, the grains are full, the sweetness is high, the peel is thin, and the palatability better. Strong resistance to disease and fall, wide adaptability.

(1) There is a space isolation of 150 to 200 meters, or a time isolation of 20 to 25 days; (2) 3000 seedlings are generally reserved per acre; (3) heavy and light before fertilization, and 5 leaves are taken on the basis of bottom fertilizer During the period, jointing period and big bell mouth period, 8 kg, 10 kg, and 15 kg of compound fertilizer were applied per acre, and the increase in the use of farm manure. Key points for seed production techniques: (1) Separation from other corn for more than 400 meters or wrong flowering period for more than 30 days; (2) Parents sowing at the same time; (3) Female parent planting density of about 3000 plants per acre, parent parent ratio 1: 4 (4) timely removal of impurities and males; (5) artificially assisted pollination.

Participated in the provincial and regional trials in the autumn of 2002 and 2003. The yield of fresh buds per mu was 866.6 kg and 1226.98 kg, respectively, an increase of 18.07% and 53.84% compared with the control variety Suian No. 1, and the yield increases were extremely significant. In the autumn of 2004, the test yield per mu was 1301.5 kg.

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