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Eighth-generation Hyundai Sonata vs Guangzhou Automobile Honda 2011

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Sonata is the first batch of domestically produced modern models, and its quality is worthy of consumers' affirmation. The eighth-generation Sonata is completely remodeled and introduced with the latest fluid sculpture design. The interior is also new, the design is more refined, and the power system is completely updated. Such a thorough replacement will bring shock to the mid-level car market. This week's hot car PK Taiwan, we invited the Honda eighth generation Accord and the eighth generation Sonata to compete in Taiwan with a sales volume of 200,000 yuan or more last year. See who are more favored by officials?

Cost-effective: Enjoying richer configurations with lower prices is undoubtedly the dream of many car owners. Recently, in order to further enrich consumer choices, the eighth-generation Sonata released the 2.0GLX AT automatic luxury version and two optional models, of which the automatic luxury version model guide price is 189,900, and the automatic luxury panoramic sunroof model price is only 193,900. .

The new Sonata is a new-generation model developed by the Hyundai American R & D Center. It introduces the latest modern "fluid sculpture" design, and pursues a natural and smooth curve like flowing water in the design and a smooth sense of sculpture. Because of this, the new Sonata has a new line shape that looks like a coupe. [detailed]

Price / performance ratio: The 2011 model improves the front face in appearance and enhances the sportiness. The performance improves the sound insulation performance of the car body and effectively improves the quietness of driving. It should be said that the changes of the 2011 model have made the Accord car series more young and dynamic. With past sales, we can see that many people agree with Accord.

The eighth-generation Accord, which has been on the market for more than three years, has ushered in a mid-term remodeling. The newly designed front bumper and front grille have visual effects that protrude forward, and the connection with the left and right headlights is smoother, forming The integrated sports front face reduces the sense of perseverance and increases the streamlined sports breath compared with the old model. [detailed]

In terms of shape, the length, width and height of the new Sonata have reached 4820mm, 1835mm, and 1470mm, respectively. The wheelbase that plays a decisive role in space is 2795mm. The so-called "Fluidic Sculpture" is translated into Chinese as "fluid sculpture", which is also the design of the body shape. On the pursuit of natural and smooth curves like flowing water, while at the same time smooth sculpture sense ... [detailed]

The appearance changes of the 2011 Accord are mainly concentrated on the front face. The visual effects of the front bumper and the front grille have a prominent feeling of forward. The new shape connects the left and right headlights more smoothly, forming an integrated sports front. The face, compared with the old model, reduces the sense of fortitude and increases the streamlined sports breath. [detailed]

From the shape point of view, the extremely strong line shape is memorable. The large-scale air intake grille adopts the latest Lawns-style design, and two fold lines extend to the engine cover. As a sharp knife passes, the previous generation's mediocrity is smoothly and completely thrown away. The shape of the bumper has been changed from the old one. The lines extending from both sides of the headlight make it look uneven, and the lower grille has an X shape, which is full of sex.

From the front, the entire front face of the Eighth Accord is relatively square, and the intake grille is very square. Compared with the shield shape of the previous old Accord, the outline is larger, and the shape of the grid inside is new style; Headlights, but they are picked up, and the range is quite large. The headlights still look sharp and give people a sense of strength. The spoiler under the bumper looks very special, which is more comparable on sports cars. common.

The front and rear chrome door handles are closely attached to the waistline. The unequal height design of the front and rear further highlights the upward visual effect of the waistline. And the side runs through the waistline of the front and rear body, which not only creates a feeling of strength, but also more three-dimensional and full. The tail shape is also not mediocre, and the slightly raised spoiler also perfectly integrates with the streamlined body, and the slightly raised taillights and headlights are radiant.

The eighth-generation Accord's most outstanding design is the bold use of the designer's lines: on each side of the body, there is a straight groove very sharply penetrating the entire side body, this groove is at the taillight It is connected to the rear lines and blends into the rear lines very naturally. The waistline extends all the way to the rear of the car, and the entire tail is very rich in detail. The double exhaust pipe design looks very exciting, but the sharp tail light surface appears smooth, as if it fits to the tail.

The newly launched eighth-generation Sonata 2.0GLX AT automatic luxury version has two optional models, of which the automatic luxury version is priced at 189,900, and the automatic luxury panoramic sunroof version is only 193,900, which will bring a "panoramic sunroof" The price of this killer model is further pulled down to within 200,000, allowing more consumers to own cars with panoramic sunroofs for less. [detailed]

The numerous buttons are a common feature on the interior of the Accord car series. The dense buttons on the center console have been dazzling, and there are more than ten large and small buttons integrated on the steering wheel. Just to be familiar with the corresponding functions of these buttons, A lot of time. The advantage of the buttons is that all functions can be in one step and the operation is direct and convenient, but the disadvantage is that the driver needs some time to adapt and remember the relevant buttons. [detailed]

The four-spoke sports steering wheel has a very stylish shape, especially the addition of light-colored leather trim, which makes it look even more unique. Multi-function buttons are decentralized for easier operation. The dual-barrel-type instrument is also full of dynamics. A chrome-plated bezel is added to the periphery of the instrument panel, adding a lot of luxury to it. The meter only displays the speed and speed. All other information is electronically displayed. The colorful electronic driving display is very beautiful.

Under the metal ring with a sense of science and technology, the dashboard is full of various digital information. Although the LCD screen in the middle is not large, the information displayed is rich, the door is closed, and the instant fuel consumption is reflected. The center console uses a dual display design. At the top is a large-sized LCD screen that can display clear maps and various menu switching functions. There is a long status prompt screen below that shows the current interior of the car. Information about temperature, time, and CD tracks.

The eighth-generation Sonata uses a smart welcome control system, one-button activation, a three-piece panoramic sunroof, and exterior mirrors with reversing images. Air-conditioned and ventilated seats, seat memory, HID xenon headlights, instrument panel color display, advanced audio DVD system, and other comfortable configurations; shift paddles, automatic windshield defogging, wiper heating, tilt-folding exterior mirrors, active The ECO economy driving mode reminds the convenience of configuration and makes driving more free.

Although the body size of the 2011 Accord has not changed much, the 4945mm / 1845mm / 1480mm length, width, and height, and the wheelbase of 2800mm are still rare big belly in the same class. The front row has a wide field of vision, a comfortable sitting position and ample space. The head space in the back row seems a little cramped, but the leg space is very loose, and the knees can stand upright to accommodate a mineral water bottle from the front seat.

The first domestic cars were equipped with 2.0 and 2.4 engines, as well as 2.4LI engines. The transmission uses a 6-speed manual automatic integrated transmission. 6 The forward-speed manual automatic integrated transmission shifts smoothly and is economical and fuel-efficient, but lacks a "feel" when speeding up accordingly. The chassis and suspension tuning feels biased to ensure ride comfort. [detailed]

The 2011 New Accord is equipped with three engines. According to the manufacturer's data, the fuel consumption of the 3.5L AT model at 90km / h is 6.8 liters. Although the fuel consumption was about 11.5 liters during the actual test drive, it was 12 liters compared with the 2.4-liter engine. It can be said that a perfect balance has been achieved between high power output and low fuel consumption. [detailed]

In terms of parameters, the eighth-generation Sonata 2.0L engine has a maximum power of 121 kW and a maximum torque of 198 N.m. The power output is far greater than engines of the same displacement, which is called the "strongest power", whether it is Accord, Camry, etc. Traditional business cars, or new Regal, Ruiyi and other sports vehicles, the maximum power is about 110kW, the maximum torque rarely exceeds 190 Nm, can not be compared with the eighth generation Sonata 2.0L engine.

The 2011 new Accord is still equipped with 2.0L, 2.4L and 3.5L three naturally aspirated engines. The Accord we tested was equipped with a Honda i-Vtec engine with variable valve lift technology, with a maximum power of 132 kilowatts. / 6000 rpm, with a peak torque of 225 Nm / 4000 rpm. The front suspension system uses a front double-wishbone structure, which has more upper control arms connected to the wheels than the mainstream Macpherson suspension, which has better stability and sportiness.

Matching the new 6-speed manual automatic transmission, the power transmission is smoother; the multi-link rear suspension adopts high-performance shock absorbers, which effectively improves ride comfort while controlling performance. 18-inch wheels, fixed-speed cruise, organ-type accelerator pedal, and other configurations show the "excellent control". The chassis and suspension adjustment feels biased to ensure ride comfort, while the steering mechanism equipped with a power-assisted steering motor is "lighter" at each speed section of the test drive.

Matching the engine is a 5-speed automatic gearbox. It is hard to say how advanced it is for mid-range cars currently equipped with 6-7 speed gearboxes. But from the actual use, it really looks like flowing water, and it is difficult to feel any shifting frustration. In terms of control, after replacing the 17-inch wheels and adding the front suspension stiffeners, the curve performance has been improved, the roll control is in a smaller range, and the steering has maintained the original accuracy and agility, while the acceleration performance and straight line The driving smoothness is maintained at the same level as the old model.

From the comparison of various aspects, it can be seen that the eighth-generation Sonata is reinstalled and has an unusually eye-catching appearance. The streamlined style is very attractive. The interior is also intertwined with a sense of technology and warmth. The suspension system also makes handling more ideal. The eighth-generation Honda Accord has a more commercial style in terms of design and interior style. If you like a stable commercial style, I believe the Accord is your choice; the eighth-generation Sonata is obviously more designed for families and young fashion successful people. . Sports and business, your needs determine who is more suitable.

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