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Na Ying fashion show started, oh no good voice 4

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What did the star wear? What used? All for you, and find the star with the right paragraph! Every Sunday [Star Griller] See you!

Na Ying wore Saint Laurent's 2015 spring and summer series and started recording the fourth season of good voice in China.

The fashion show that belongs to that sister started again. Even if Jay Chou came, Wang Feng's leather pants could not steal the sister's limelight.

That sister's suit fits perfectly into this men's group. Although the aura is there, but there are already enough men, can't she be feminine? And it's still summer, can't you feel refreshed?

Looking forward to that sister's second show!

The same is Saint Laurent, that sister's dress Look has a little femininity.

The last sentence, when will you meet the standard Givenchy?

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