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Big Wuhan Fashion Guest is a fashion-oriented column that leads Tencent's Dachu.com, focusing on clothing, beauty, luxury, and life. It interviews celebrities, fashion, styling experts, and art masters. Gathering in Hubei is active on the Internet, all the online show that loves to show, beautiful and fashionable men, fashionable royal sisters, cute girls, silks, and bones.

Whether you are an invincible reeler, or an aura emperor or a cute girl, your fashion dreams, we will help you tailor it, whether it is fresh or heavy, look at my seventy-two changes! ~~ Through high-quality outdoor shooting and post-processing, show the best aspects of fashion customers to their netizens, through their personal experience, fashion concepts, dressing, matching, beauty, etc., through Tencent's Dachu website Widespread and rapid spread of influence ~~~ 【I want to join the fashion guest】

In 2006, a movie called "Fashion Girl" opened the eyes of the audience, and also made fashion editors a momentary job. Hot this year, the TV series "Women's Fashion Editor" starring Yin Tao has shown us a completely different fashion editorial department. The editors are no longer embarrassed by the world of PRADA and LV brand names, but they are still taking fashion steps. The door of happiness rang, telling us the shabby and struggling under the bright appearance. What kind of people are fashion editors?

In Wuhan, an ordinary city without too many fashion labels, the fashion editors around us are also staged a new life of “happy happiness is not too expensive”, leading the fashion trend of Wuhan as a fashion pioneer, Workplace struggle, hard work experience, and fashion concepts have profoundly affected the lives of Wuhan people. Combining with the new version of Dachu Fashion, Tencent ¡¤ Darchu invites well-known fashion editors in Wuhan to explain their fashion life to everyone.

As a member of Dachu's fashion editorial team, I often think about what fashion is, and fashion = luxury? Fashion = Exaggerated? oh, no!

I think fashion should be a part of our life. What we have to do is to discover and share the fashion in daily life. How to dress to be fashionable instead of going to the catwalk. Can we wear it out? What we want is civilianization. Fashion, fashion walking on the street

Is it fashionable to wear LV and carry Hermes? Wearing "traffic lights" and fashion with exaggerated hairstyles? Borrow a word from sister: its not shion! !! Fashion is not alternative or luxurious. I didn't do anything about fashion, but when Xiao S was transformed from a little maid to a fashionable hot mom, I only understood that temperament is the best fashion item!

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