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Samsung helps you become the most fashionable group of WeChat friends

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At this moment, the special promotion of Samsung mobile phones is in full swing on the Jingdong 618 shopping tide. Not only the S6 & S6edge four-color machines are all on sale, but also many surprises and gifts are waiting for you! At the same time, Samsung phones have done a big thing! After 6.1 recalling childhood in WeChat Moments, we launched a new blockbuster content in Moments again! Not only is the content full of color, the method is also unique! unprecedented!

The content push of Samsung mobile phones in the circle of friends has broken through the passive filtering methods based on regions and genders in the past. This time, we turned passive into active, and cooperated with Wechat to specialize in Samsung mobile phones. Screening of content and other information to determine whether you belong to the fashion trend group!

If you love fashion, trends, and parties, and often publish and view related content in the circle of friends, yes! You are the one! You will definitely receive the first accurate, most stylish Samsung mobile phone friend promotion in history! What if you arrive? Do n’t worry, quickly follow Samsung ’s mobile phone number, and talk with your friends about mobile phone, color, fashion and other related topics. Maybe your next refresh, the most popular Samsung mobile phone promotion will appear! You can show off your fashion identity!

If your circle of friends received the promotion content of Samsung mobile phone in the first time, then it is great! You have been included in WeChat and defined as the most fashionable and trendy crowd now! At the same time, you can show the fashion model to your friends! You can click on the like, comment on the show, you can also take screenshots of the group show, and you can also send private messages to classmates who have not received promotion and are not fashionable! And you can red envelope them, because fashion you are bringing them fashion! Hurry up and see the trendy, fashionable, and most fashionable circle of friends. Are there any friends?

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