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On June 10, 2015, the 2015 BAIC Magic Speed S2 debuted at the Chongqing Auto Show and gained general attention. Seeing that the time to market is getting closer, can the replacement of the new and old BAIC Magic Speed S2 continue the miracle of sales, they How much has changed? The following will reveal the answer for everyone.

About BAIC Magic Speed S2 On March 31, 2014, after three and a half years of independent development, BAIC Magic Speed S2 was officially listed as the five-seater SUV model of the first model of the BAIC Magic Speed brand, and its competitors were locked as the Great Wall M4. And Changan CS35, of which there are 4 models of 1.5L row volume, the price range is 58.708800 yuan. After the launch of this model, together with its seven-seater SUV brother model BAIC Magic Speed S3, it has continuously set records and rankings on the domestic car sales list at an alarming rate. With good reputation and high cost performance beyond the same level, it has won the favor of many consumers. ◇ Appearance comparison: the fashion sense of the face before returning to the family is enhanced

From the comparison of the front face of the old and new models of BAIC Magic Speed S2, it can be clearly seen that this time, BAIC Magic Speed abandoned the tiger-style front face design specially designed for BAIC Magic Speed S2 and incorporated the family "X" front face elements into 2015. In the front face design of the Beiqi Magic Speed S2, many fashion elements have been added. Compared with the old model, the front face of the new model is more three-dimensional, more energetic and young.

The shape and division of the headlights have also changed to some extent. Compared with the old headlights of the Beiqi Magic Speed S2, the headlights of the 2015 BAIC Magic Speed S2 are a bit less sharp. However, as the light distribution of the new models is more reasonable after the light distribution is improved, the visibility can be improved to some extent when driving at night.

The design of the old and new BAIC Magic Speed S2 in the front fog light area has also changed a lot. In addition to the design of the mesh decoration and the design of the fog lights, the 2015 BAIC Magic Speed S2 has a new inverted L shape. The bright LED daytime running lights make the overall appearance of the new model more eye-catching than the old model.

The design innovation on the spare tire makes it one of the biggest differences between the 2015 Beiqi Magic Speed S2 and the old one. After changing from a fully-covered spare tire to a bare spare tire, the back of the new model looks more wild. .

In terms of taillight design, the new and old BAIC Magic Speed S2 are not much different at first glance, but as long as you take a closer look, it can be clearly seen that the 2015 BAIC Magic Speed S2 rear headlights are more bright and energy-saving than the old halogen light source. 2.Long-life LED light source.

◇ Interior contrast: black and red contrast colors are more dynamic

Compared with the old Beiqi Magic Speed S2's main black plus red and silver embellished interior, the 2015 BAIC Magic Speed S2 boldly changed the entire center control half and the panel at the hand lever and the door armrests into eye-catching. The unique red color and unique contrast color make the whole interior more dynamic and personality, and more "color".

From the center console, the biggest change of the old and new BAIC Magic Speed 2 is in the car. The 2015 BAIC Magic Speed S2 canceled the CD player and AUX audio interface, and made the SD card slot and USB interface more beautiful Push-button cover design. Compared with the slightly outdated multiple design of the old model, the new model's more configuration and appearance are more convenient to use.

◇ Comparison of configuration: Add AT automatic transmission control more easily

Compared with the old BAIC Magic Speed S2 with only a 5-speed manual transmission configuration, the AT automatic transmission equipped with the 2015 BAIC Magic Speed S2 has become the biggest highlight of the new model configuration upgrade. This time, BAIC Magic Speed did not choose the automatic transmission with the automatic transmission selected by most of the cheap models. It directly chose the AT transmission with more mature technology, smoother shift performance and longer transmission life.

to sum up:

It is not difficult to find through the above comparison that after the 2015 BAIC Magic Speed S2 has been improved and upgraded, the exterior design is further closer to the style of the BAIC Magic Speed family, more youthful and stylish; the changes in interior colors and multiple configurations make this The car is more personalized and practical; the increase in AT automatic transmission also caters to the needs of most consumers. In the end, after the new models are launched, can we achieve more amazing market results than the old models? Let us wait and see.

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