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Create unlimited creativity in fashion culture and taste

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In 2015, the cultural industry was a hot topic for deputies. Premier Li Keqiang also stated in the report that culture is the lifeblood and source of creation of the nation, and it is necessary for the people to enjoy more cultural development. In the future, the integration and development of tradition and emerging will be the development direction of the cultural industry.

The cultural industry is closely related to our lives. With the continuous enrichment of material life, people pay more attention to the pursuit of high-quality life, which has led to the rapid development of urban cultural media industry. From large-scale commercial performances, film and television works, to wedding celebrations, advertising, books and albums, cultural media can be seen. With the continuous progress of society and economy and the change of people's consumption concepts, their overall level is constantly increasing. It has brought immeasurable wealth to our lives and socio-economic development. It can be said that an important indicator of a city's style is the development of the city's cultural industry. With the support of relevant national policies, China's cultural industry has shown a booming scene. Among them, many cultural enterprises represented by Tianjin Weiran Culture Co., Ltd. have made tremendous contributions.

Tianjin Weiran Culture Co., Ltd. is a subsidiary of Tianjin Weiran Shengshi Advertising Co., Ltd., with a registered capital of 3 million yuan. It specializes in undertaking various commercial performances, film and television productions, event planning and execution, brand promotion, wedding planning, graphic design and other cultural content. The city's cultural industry has made significant contributions.

Tianjin Weiran Culture Co., Ltd. has a professional operation and dance design team, as well as various equipment and actor resources. It can undertake Chinese and foreign model etiquette, music and dance, magic acrobatics, comic sketches and other content. Special celebrities and other unique performance content, according to the various needs of customers, tailored to create a unique and unique performance.

The company has a professional graphic design team, which can carry out projects such as graphic design, advertising creativity, corporate VI image design, book packaging design, product image packaging and promotion, etc., to carry out exclusive services for customers, shape the image for the enterprise, and build the brand To gain a head start in the fierce market competition.

The company is also equipped with a professional team to carry out services such as site design, booth construction, conference arrangement and other services to provide enterprises with exclusive creative solutions.

Wedding planning is also an important part of company services. The company has professional wedding planners, moderators, videographers and other professional teams, as well as large-scale stage, lighting and audio, etiquette supplies and other equipment, to meet the various needs of customers to create unique and innovative wedding.

Under the call of the current country to realize the "Chinese Dream" and positive energy, cultural enterprises such as Tianjin Weiran Culture Co., Ltd. are working hard to continuously strive for the development of China's social and economic development and cultural undertakings!

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