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2020 Ordos Darat Banner Vocational High School Junior High School Primary School Kindergarten Teachers Recruit 222 Enrollment

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1. Candidates should log in directly to Daqi Teachers' Recruitment Network (or click on the [Teacher Recruitment Section] of the Education Metropolitan Area Network) to register online and pay the examination fee and print the admission ticket (print the admission ticket three days before the written test).

3. When registering, applicants must sign the "Participation in Daqi Teachers' Recruitment Integrity Commitment Form", otherwise registration will not be accepted. Candidates should carefully read the recruitment briefing and the recruitment post form, and carefully identify whether the individual meets the application requirements; the registration serial number is an important basis for the applicant to confirm whether to successfully register, download and print the admission ticket and check the results, etc. Please keep in mind; registration and participation The documents used in written examinations and interviews must be consistent; candidates must be responsible for the authenticity, accuracy, completeness, and validity of the materials submitted online. Any application submitted that is untrue, inaccurate, or incomplete will affect registration and examination. Or hired, at your own risk. When registering, candidates must upload their recent front-faced 2 inch digital photo without a white background (jpg format, size below 20KB). Must fill in the study experience of high school, technical secondary school, college, undergraduate and graduate students (fill in the year and month from school, school, department, major) and work experience (fill in the year and month of work, work unit, work The main work), after repeatedly checking that each of the information filled in is accurate, click "Submit" (Special reminder to candidates: all application information submitted and successfully confirmed will not be able to modify, if you really need to modify, please candidates and Recruitment units contact to modify), each person can only apply for one post.

Teachers who apply for examinations are not allowed to apply for positions inconsistent with the majors of the courses they are recruiting (unless otherwise specified). Applicants must faithfully fill in the Registration Form according to the majors on the graduation certificate and degree certificate. If they fail to fill in the truth, they will be disqualified from the application upon discovery.

4. Candidates successfully submit information online for 1 day (re-modify the information, starting from the modification date) and log on to the registration website to check the results of the preliminary qualification examination. Those who have passed the preliminary examination cannot be reported to other positions. Those who pass the preliminary qualification examination shall pay the fee through online banking. After the payment is successful, the registration is completed. If the payment is not completed before the payment deadline, the applicant shall be deemed to have given up the application. Candidates who have passed the preliminary qualification examination should print the "Registration Form" by themselves before the deadline of the examination, in duplicate and keep it properly for use during qualification review. At the time of qualification review, those who do not have the "Registration Form" will not accept the qualification review.

5. Registration examination fee: 120 yuan / person. Approved by the agency and document number-Internal Development Reform Fee Letter [2015] No. 523 (non-payment is considered as abandonment of registration).

Candidates from poor families in rural pastoral areas who set up files and those from households with minimum living security in cities and towns are exempted from the examination fee, but must pay the fee and then refund the fee. These two types of candidates download and fill out the Application Form for Examination and Exemption of Examination Fees from the registration website, holding the file card (manual) issued by the poverty alleviation department in the county, county (city, district) and the original minimum living security certificate or low guarantee issued by the civil affairs department. In 20 days after the written test, go to the Personnel Office of the Education and Sports Bureau to process the refund.

Yang Duan, a student from Nanchang, Jiangxi: Hello, Teacher Chen Shanmei, I am a student from the sprint class on the 16th and 17th. I have learned a lot from you in the past two days, thank you, Chen!

Chen Jing, Jingdezhen, Jiangxi: Teacher Long Chunlai, I'm in! The announcement has n’t come out yet, call the Education Bureau and say I ’m in, ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

Fujian student Lin Kun: Teacher Guo, my name is Lin Kun, I have interviewed, I always thought that I was very bad, and I took a soy sauce in the training class. As a result, I became a teacher in Xiamen on your written test interview. Thank you teacher Tutoring!

Jiangxi Leping Yang Qijun: Teacher Long Chunlai, I passed the exam, the second interview, the fifth overall score. Ha ha, I'm not nervous at all, I will continue to work hard! Thank you, teacher

Yulin trainee Wang Hairui: Thank you teacher, I took the first exam, wow, our county's Huatu has basically been on, I am a few points higher than the second place, and each one is a few points behind.

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