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Tianjin: "One System, Three Transformations" Increases Market Vigor

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Recently, nearly 100 entrepreneurs from Baotou gathered in Jinmen and signed 24 strategic cooperation agreements with Tianjin with a total investment of 19.65 billion yuan. Entrepreneurs have said that Tianjin's "one system, three transformations" reform has created a good business environment, which is the biggest motivation we are determined to come here for entrepreneurial development!

The "one system, three industries" in the entrepreneur's mouth is the "Tianjin Commitment System Standardization and Intelligent Facilitation Review System Reform Implementation Plan" which was implemented last September. This program is a government service model built on the principles of "world standards and international universality." According to this model, more than 700 government approval items in Tianjin have achieved "24 Certificates in One"; the joint approval of general engineering construction projects has not taken more than 80 working days from the acquisition of land to the start of construction; ; 96% of government affairs matters "one China Netcom" ...

Just three years ago, Tianjin was one of the cities with the highest business costs in the country, with non-tax revenue accounting for more than 40%. The business environment is a key issue restricting Tianjin's high-quality development. In order to reverse the predicament, Tianjin must deepen its reform with a "blade inward". From the introduction of the “Jin Ba Article” at the end of 2017, to the “19 Private Economy” at the end of 2018, and the “Tianjin Optimized Business Environment Regulations” implemented this year, Tianjin has spared no effort in optimizing the business environment. Entrepreneurs from all directions Inspired. In the afternoon of November 12, the coldness of Jincheng struck people in the winter. The thousands of entrepreneurs who came to participate in the "Tianjin 2019 China Entrepreneur Conference" were warm-hearted-on the table in front of them was a copy of Entrepreneur's Service Commitment Letter: It contains the solemn promise of “enterprise first, quickness, fairness, smoothness, openness first”, as well as the contact information of the staff of the Tianjin Entrepreneur Service Office.

The Entrepreneurs Service Office is a specialized organization established by the Tianjin Municipal Government when it first held the "China Entrepreneurs Conference" in November 2017. At that meeting, "entrepreneurs sitting in the front row and officials sitting in the back row" became a hit. Wuwen Group founder Zhang Wenzhong said impassively: "From this detail, I truly feel Tianjin's determination to respect business, respect business, and value business." It is also from then on, "the industry first, the boss of entrepreneurs "The idea began to take root in Tianjin. In the past two years, Tianjin has adopted a series of measures to optimize the business environment, with a view to simplifying administration and decentralization, and improving efficiency. In the first three quarters of this year alone, Tianjin reduced the city-level administrative permits from 1,133 to 228, a reduction of 80%, achieving a "thin weight-loss", and achieving a "large speed-up" of efficiency for reserved matters-"at most once "The handling ratio is over 70%.

Tianjin Mayor Zhang Guoqing said that Tianjin can only become a “highland for investment” if it can achieve a “cost depression”. In less than 3 years, Tianjin has achieved "100 billion yuan tax and fee reductions". In the first three quarters of this year alone, tax and fee reductions were 59.65 billion yuan. It is estimated that the annual tax reductions and fees will exceed 70 billion yuan. What followed was that in the first three quarters of this year, the GDP of Tianjin area increased by 4.6% year-on-year, stable for the seventh consecutive quarter, the fixed asset investment increased by 15.4%, the fastest growth rate in the country, and the market main body increased by more than 200,000 households. 20.8%.

Dai Zhen, executive deputy general manager of China Automotive Industry Engineering Co., Ltd. said: "It is precisely because of Tianjin ’s good business environment that we moved our headquarters to Tianjin, where we have developed rapidly and our brand influence has increased significantly. At present, we have become a BMW, A global supplier of high-end brand car companies such as Mercedes-Benz and Volvo. "Zhou Hongyi, chairman of Qihoo 360, not only decided to move the company's registration to Tianjin, but will also build a network with Tianjin based on the R & D headquarters in Binhai High-tech Zone. The security industry fund builds a large security ecosystem and "will invest tens of billions in Tianjin in the next five years." Liu Chuanzhi, chairman of Lenovo Holdings Co., Ltd., said that in the past two years, "Lenovo Cloud" and many other projects have settled in Tianjin, and an industrial cluster has gradually formed. Guo Guangchang, chairman of Fosun International, hopes to seize the opportunity of Tianjin state-owned enterprises' mixed reform and actively cooperate with state-owned enterprises to jointly promote the enhancement of corporate value. Ding Liguo, Chairman of the Board of Delong Holdings Co., Ltd., stated that he will firmly promote the mixed reform project of state-owned enterprises in Tianjin, and strive to build manufacturing, wholesale and retail trade, business service industry, technology and import and export business ...

The "magnetism effect" of "one system, three systems" is increasingly apparent. According to statistics released recently by the Tianjin Bureau of Statistics, the first three quarters saw an increase of 14.7% in investment among citizens, with more diversified investments. Chu Liping, deputy director of the Tianjin Municipal Bureau of Statistics, said: "This data fully shows that the business environment in Tianjin has improved significantly, entrepreneurs’ confidence and expectations for Tianjin's stable and healthy development have clearly increased, and capital is flowing in at an accelerated pace-Tianjin's market vitality is increasing . "

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