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Restrictions on purchases were released and home buyers flocked to some properties in Huangpu on the first day.

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"On the first day of release, as of 12:00 noon, the number of visitors to the project has exceeded 100, and it is expected that there will be 300-500 passengers on that day." On December 22, a real estate sales located in Huangpu Zhongxin Knowledge City told Times Weekly .

"Now there are more than 50 sales at the reception. The team worked overtime until early in the morning. So far, the project has been very good." On the same day, another real estate sales in Huangpu told reporters.

On December 20, the Huangpu District Housing and Urban-Rural Development Bureau of Guangzhou issued the "Notice on Improving Talent Housing Policies of the Guangzhou Development Zone Construction and Transportation Bureau". Affected by this, the property market in Huangpu District is rapidly heating up. The Huangpu District Housing and Construction Bureau stated that the improvement of the talent housing policy is to further optimize the business environment, promote high-quality economic development, accelerate the promotion of industry and talent gathering, and focus on solving the housing purchase problem that talents care about.

"The Huangpu District's new house depuration cycle is the shortest in all districts in Guangzhou, and the policy intensity is the largest compared to Huadu and Nansha, which will have the most positive effect on the property market and the stimulus." On December 20, Xiao Wenxiao, chief analyst at Kerer Guangzhou Tell the Times reporter, but the most critical new policy applicable talent standards in the policy still need to confirm the implementation rules.

On December 20th, Yan Yuejin, research director of the Think Tank Center of the E-House Research Institute, told Time Weekly reporter that Huangpu issued a comprehensive talent housing policy. In the strict sense, it is not a loosening of purchase restrictions, but it can indeed increase market transaction volume.

The above notice clearly states that all types of talents who have been working in Huangpu District for more than half a year in the district are allowed to purchase 1 set of commercial housing within the district without being subject to household registration restrictions; working in Huangpu District, holding a Guangzhou Talent Green Card or Economic Zone Parents or spouse parents of recognized outstanding talents, prestigious school (park) masters, Huangpu artisans, etc. can purchase 1 set of commercial housing within Huangpu District.

In addition, Singapore residents who work in the Huangpu District and the Singapore-China Guangzhou Knowledge City can enjoy the same treatment as Guangzhou residents when purchasing commercial housing within the scope of the China-Singapore Guangzhou Knowledge City.

From the perspective of industry insiders, Huangpu District's liberalization of talent purchase restrictions is, on the one hand, to implement a long-term management and regulation mechanism of "stabilizing land prices, housing prices, and expectations", and on the other hand, to attract talents to settle and enhance regional competitiveness.

On September 9, the Hejing Taifu Consortium won a commercial-compatible commercial land in Huangpu Science City for a base price of 250 million yuan; on September 27, two commercial sites in Huangpu were bidding online, and one of them eventually suffered an oversold auction. Block price transactions; On November 29, Time China bid for a residential site in Huangpu with a reserve price of 1.952 billion yuan; on December 19, Guangzhou Metro won two TOD plots in Huangpu District with a base price of 8.769 billion yuan.

In this context, the improvement of the above-mentioned talent housing policy will undoubtedly give the market a "heart booster". On December 21, Times Weekly reporters learned that after the announcement of the New Deal, the real estate A, which is the main education brand in Huangpu District, immediately issued the slogan "Do not snooze tonight", and announced that it is about%; And announced the launch of limited quality listings.

"Huangpu has improved the housing policy for talents, which is stronger than Huadu and Nansha. It will also have the most positive effect on the property market." But Xiao Wenxiao also emphasized that the main purpose of Huangpu District to release talent purchase restrictions is to attract talents to settle down.

Yan Yuejin also told the Times Weekly reporter that Huangpu issued a comprehensive talent housing policy. Its starting point is to focus on improving the business environment and solving the problem of talent housing, which fully reflects the deepening of the current talent housing policy.

Nansha, Huangpu and other districts' perfect talent housing policies also largely mean that "one district and one policy" is becoming a new trend in the regulation and control of the property market in big cities. On November 20, the Shanghai Free Trade Zone Lingang New Area Administrative Committee issued several measures to support talent development. Among them, for non-city resident talents who meet certain conditions, the house purchase qualification is adjusted from a resident family to an individual, and a set of ordinary commercial housing in a new area can be purchased. Shorten the number of years for non-local household registration talents to pay personal income tax or social insurance payments in new areas for housing purchases, from continuous payment of 5 years or more to adjustment of continuous payment of 3 years or more.

On December 13, Nansha issued a notice confirming that high-end talents who hold Guangzhou Talent Green Card, Guangzhou Nansha Talent Card A Card and B Card can purchase commercial housing within Nansha District; the first set of commercial housing can be purchased by Nansha District graduates and above. Not subject to household registration, social security and individual tax deposit restrictions (except those who have purchased the first commercial house in Guangzhou).

On December 18th, Huadu launched the “Guide to Applying for a Green Card for Talents in Huadu District, Guangzhou (Revised Edition)”, which comprehensively liberalized the restrictions on applicants in terms of social security payments, academic degrees, etc., and implemented more actively, more openly, and more effectively. Talent protection measures.

"One city, one strategy" is to recognize that the market is differentiated and diverse, and they are all called second-tier cities. The situation may also be very different. "In August of this year, Jia Kang, chief economist of the China Institute of New Supply Economics, said in an exclusive interview with the Times reporter that it is recommended that the next adjustment of the property market should not only be divided into lines and cities, but also land and areas. For example, Beijing Within the 5th Ring Road, it cannot be compared with the Tongzhou, Yanjiao and other sectors, and it cannot be compared with real estate such as Daxing and Yanqing.

Xiao Wenxiao also said that the Central Economic Work Conference emphasized that the regulation of the real estate market must be based on the policy of the city, and the local regulation must also be based on the policy of the district. Previously, Shanghai had relaxed the threshold for purchasing houses in the Lingang Free Trade Zone.

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