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Issuing "Typical Audit Cases"

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In order to cooperate with the theme education of “do not forget the original intention and keep the mission in mind”, actively implement the central government ’s clear requirements for “treating the disease and preventing the disease” in audit work, better perform the audit supervision function, and give play to the audit early warning function. The book "Typical Audit Cases" was issued.

This book sorts out the problems found in the economic responsibilities audit and special audit of Qingxi's leading cadres in recent years, and collects and compiles some typical cases. There are 47 cases in nine categories: fund management, asset management, government procurement, project management, accounting foundation, internal control, expense, budget final accounts, and other expenses. Through typical cases, they will use case descriptions and case warnings for reference by leading cadres at all levels and relevant departments (units) to improve systems and standardize management.

The above-mentioned typical cases are the general and inclined problems found in the audit. Each case lists the case brief, problem determination, and handling opinions, etc., and enables the administrative institution and its related personnel to adopt “the case statement and the case discipline”. Being able to learn from the others and correctly understand and apply the current laws and regulations has a strong warning and educational role.

The relevant person in charge of the Office stated that while auditing should be done in a normalized "economic checkup" and play its role, it should not be limited to "question checking", but also need to have functions such as prevention and early warning to prevent problems from the source. Giving play to the role of auditing in preventing risks and promoting development in economic and social development.

The "Typical Cases of Auditing" is not only a demonstration of the audit of economic responsibilities of leading cadres in recent years, but also a good read on education and early warning for leading cadres at all levels and relevant departments (units), which has been well received by all parties.

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