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Xiangmi: The egret has a well-behaved personality but inherits a small fault of Xu Feng, even Runyu is helpless

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The audience who watched "Sweet Honey and Ember Frost" is not obsessed with the emotional entanglement between Jin Mi and Xu Feng who have separated from each other many times before finally coming together? To be honest, if they are going to leave for a few times, maybe the little heart of Xiangmi girl can't bear it anymore, and in the finale, our longing spiritual couple not only came together, but even There is the crystallization of love.

We all know that Xu Feng's real body is a phoenix, and Jinmi is a six-petal frost flower. It is reasonable to say that the children born after the combination of these two are either phoenix flowers, or domineering real bodies like phoenix But who ever thought that they were born a bird, but also a bird egret on the water, plus the spiritual couple is also a sloppy couple, they are too lazy to give their son a nickname, they call him directly Little heron.

The egret is only 7 years old, she is white and pure, and her character is very well-behaved. It can be seen that the spiritual couple is educated well, but have you noticed that there is a small flaw in the egret, which is exactly inherited to Xu Feng's, and even Runyu's helplessness. As for this shortcoming, it is Aojiao's character.

You should know that Xu Feng is the son of Heavenly Emperor. Although he is a second child, his biological mother is Tian Hou, even if there is Runyu, he is also a sister-in-law. Because he was served by Jinyi Yushi since childhood, Xu Feng is very proud of his personality Jiao, the one that often hangs in my mouth is "there is no thing I fear in Xufeng in these six realms." Indeed, Xufeng is not afraid of heaven, but he does not know if he still remembers crying in front of Jin Mi What does the sound look like? So in the face of his wife, Xu Feng is scared and at the same time very loving.

And his son Egret, the deepest impression we have on him is that he is fishing with a bamboo pole on the river bank. Runyu finally managed to see the famous emperor in the next world without panic. And even proudly said to Runyu that he was fishing for his daughter-in-law. Although this fishing daughter-in-law was taught by him, but it can make the fishing daughter-in-law feel so righteous. It is estimated that there is only an egret. !!

The editor believes that the egret is indeed Xu Feng's son. This pair of fathers and sons has exactly the same pride and personality. No wonder Runyu looks so affectionate when she looks at the egret, even if she knows that the egret can't catch her wife at all. Jade is helpless. After all, Xu Feng grew up behind his buttocks. Perhaps looking at the appearance of the egret reminds Runyu of his childhood Xu Feng!

In addition to Ao Jiao, Xu Feng's infatuation may have been passed on to the egret. He was only 7 years old, and spent the whole day at the river waiting for his daughter-in-law to hook. If he really caught his daughter-in-law, then It ’s okay. It ’s estimated that I will be so happy that I ca n’t find the north. I do n’t know what kind of absurdity the spiritual couple has instilled in their son one day, has he been anxious to let him find his wife?

Although in the finale, we did not see much of the sweet interaction between Xu Feng and Jin Mi, but looking at the existence of the egret, people ca n’t help but think that they are happy. In fact, happiness is not the same as how violent the process is, but It's true happiness to be bland for a lifetime.

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