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The World Cup is stable! The National Football World Championship is expected to add another tiger, starting to smell unrest all over Asia

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In the previous two preliminaries, the national football team did not play well. Not only did they rip off coach Lippi again, but it also pushed their qualifying situation into a corner. After all, the current national football team wants to be the first in the group It's almost impossible to get out of your identity, you can only fight for the best of the five groups. The second half of the national football preliminaries is also under great pressure. It seems that only 4 consecutive victories will make it into the top 12 safely. Fortunately, when the national football team was in danger, there was a lot of good news. One of them was that Gorrat had been successfully naturalized. He is expected to play for the national football team in the preliminaries. In addition, the national football team received another great advantage before the World Championship. That is, the Super League coach Wang Baoshan also introduced a strong aid to the national football team. This person is His Majesty's player Ivo, and Ivo himself for being What is the problem of naturalization? The answer is that he is showing enthusiasm to the national football team. Many fans have said that if the national football can be naturalized to Ivor, then Ivo will stay in China for 5 years in the World Cup line month. At that time if Ivor is naturalized by the national football, then it is expected to add another member to the national football preliminaries. Tiger general.

Recently, the coach of Henan Jianye Club, Wang Baoshan, once again talked about the naturalization of Ivo in an interview with the "Football News". He said: "First of all, I think age is not a problem, whether it is Messi or Maradona, The highest honor is to play on behalf of the national team. As Ivo, he is eager to be a member of the national team, not just naturalized. "Obviously, the owner Wang Baoshan is very supportive of Ivo ’s naturalization. In addition to being selected for the National Football Association, they also meant to introduce Ivo to the Football Association. And what does Ivo himself think of being selected for the national football team? As a result, Ivo himself said in an interview that he was very concerned about the national football game. Whenever there is a game of the Chinese team, he will go to watch and cheer for the national football. At the same time, he also said that if he can really enter the national football team in the future, he thinks it is definitely a very glorious thing and he will be very happy to play for the national football team.

It can be seen that Ivo himself very much wants to enter the national football team. This is undoubtedly a good show to the national football team. At the same time, it also allows the football association to naturalize him and then be selected for the national football team. Perhaps Ivo ’s current 33-year-old age will be a problem that prevents him from being naturalized, but in fact Ivo ’s age is not a problem. After all, even if he is 33 years old, in the Super League this season, personally high The distance of intensity running is still the best in the Super League. At the same time, as many as 50 steals are among the best. You must know that he only played 26 games and is still an attacking midfielder. However, he still sent such data, which is absolutely commendable. This shows that the current Ivo is the top of the Super League in terms of attitude, physical fitness and desire to win. It can be seen that today, Ivo, his coach wants him to enter the national football team, coupled with Ivo's ability can still be a big responsibility, so it is absolutely feasible for the national football to recruit him. There is no doubt that if Ivor can get the help, the goal of the national football team to reach the World Cup will be closer, and if the national football has the blessings of Glat, Ivo and Exxon in the preliminaries, then all of Asia should Smells uneasy. Back to Sohu, see more

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