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Fun │ Fighting for speed and drinking "Reindeer Run" is coming to Longfu Temple!

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After the ancient Longfu Temple turned gorgeously, many people are looking forward to what the first Christmas and New Year's Eve here looks like? Sure enough, on December 14th, here will first use a happy "reindeer run" to create an atmosphere for the festival, and use sports and beer to "warm up", such a Longfu Temple, it is "hidden heaven", "burned to burst ".

Bringing the "Reindeer Run" to Longfu Temple is the famous "Jing A" in Jingcheng. When "Jing A Taproom" settled in Longfu Temple, the fixed "Beer Run" came here every year. Time Also changed from before and after Halloween to around Christmas. When the weather is colder, the heat after exercise and the burning condition brought by beer will be more intense.

For professional players, this is a competition of speed and alcohol, but for most participants, it is a strange and fun activity.

Participants need to run four laps around "Jing A Taproom". The whole journey is exactly 1 mile (about 1.6 kilometers), and the starting point and ending point are "Jing A Taproom" Longfu Temple Store. Different from the general running competition, before each lap, the participants have to drink a glass of beer, and they must drink all before they can start running.

Participants are advised to wear festive costumes at this event. You can dress yourself as a Christmas tree, Santa Claus, or simply turn yourself into a reindeer to have a few drinks and run. The top three boys and girls will receive unique prizes from "Jing A".

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