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Announcement in 2019 of Inner Mongolia Xing'an League to directly recruit 7 people to recruit talents (2)

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Huatu Institutional Recruitment Examination Network provides recruitment information for institutions in Inner Mongolia: In 2019, some institutions directly under the Xing'an League in Inner Mongolia introduced additional talents to announce the recruitment of 7 people. For more information about the conditions for recruitment and examination of institutions, institutions, and the entrance to Inner Mongolia institutions, please Pay attention to Huatu public institution recruitment examination network.

(6) Candidates who are working and editing outside the alliance must submit the original certificate of their unit's consent to the application (signed by the legal person of the unit and stamped with the official seal of the unit).

(1) The applicant must sign and promise on the "Registration Registration Form" to ensure that the relevant materials submitted are consistent with the content of the personnel (student registration) file, and the copy is consistent with the original, online.) Compile a catalog of the required materials for the application, and bind the copies of the required materials into a booklet, which will be submitted to the staff during the preliminary qualification review as the sole basis for subsequent written reviews;

(3) If the applicant fails to compile the catalog or bind it as required, causing material loss or incomplete or incomplete submission of materials, which affects the results of the written review, the applicant shall be responsible for himself;

(4) Candidates who have passed the preliminary qualification examination must submit personnel files or student records to the Office of the Leadership Group of Talent Work within the prescribed time.

1. Qualification re-examination determines the qualifications of candidates to participate in the assessment through written review. A written review team is set up by the Office of the Leadership Group of Talent Work of the Alliance Committee. According to the introduction conditions and requirements, the relevant materials and personnel (student status) files submitted by the personnel shall be reviewed item by item to confirm the qualifications for participation in the assessment.

1. The medical examination shall be carried out in accordance with the General Standards for Medical Examinations for Civil Servants (Trial) (Ministry of the People's Republic of China [2005] No. 1) and the Operation Manual for Medical Examinations for Civil Servants (Trial) (Guo Ren Fa (2007) No. 1) and revised standards.

2. If the applicant fails to participate in the medical examination within the required time, or fails to pass the medical examination, or falsifies or conceals the real situation during the medical examination, the qualification for employment is cancelled.

1. The inspection work shall be organized and implemented by the competent department of each talent introduction unit in accordance with relevant regulations and requirements. It mainly examines the ideological and political performance, moral quality, ability quality, study and work performance, work experience, discipline and law compliance, integrity and self-discipline, and whether there are avoidance relationships.

3. After the inspection work is completed, each inspection department shall form a written report on the progress of the inspection work and the results of the inspection of the personnel to be introduced, and report it to the Office of the Leading Group of Talent Work of the Alliance Committee for the record.

1. The personnel information to be introduced will be publicized on the Xing'an Party Construction Network and Xing'an League Personnel Examination website. The publicity period is 5 working days. At the same time, the report wire is announced. The expiry of the public notice period will not be introduced for those issues that affect employment during the public notice period and verified, and will not be introduced; if it is difficult to verify the reflected problems for a while, the introduction will be postponed. .

3. If the publicity period expires and there are no problems, the department in charge of introducing talents shall submit files and relevant materials to the Office of the Leadership Group of Talent Work of the Alliance Committee, and shall, after examination and approval, go through the employment and preparation registration procedures.

5. The introduction of talents is included in the establishment, and is managed according to the personnel of the public institution, and enjoys the corresponding post treatment of the public institution. The minimum service life is not less than 5 years.

1. Qualification review of candidates runs through the entire process of recruiting talents. At any stage and during the trial period of recruiting talents, if it is found that the applicants do not meet the conditions of the introduction or falsify, intentionally conceal personal information, disrupt the normal order of recruiting talents, all cancellation Its employment qualifications and related responsibilities. 2. Candidates should keep the telephone communication unblocked during the introduction of talents. If the information communication is not smooth due to personal reasons, which affects the qualification review, evaluation, physical examination, inspection or employment, they shall bear their own responsibility.

3. This plan is explained by the Office of the Leadership Group of Talent Work of the Alliance Committee. Any unresolved matters shall be decided separately after being studied by the Office of the Leadership Group of Talent Work of the Alliance Committee.

5. The introduction of talents is normalized, and the Office of the Leadership Group of the Alliance Committee will release the announcement of the introduction of talents to the society from the Xing'an Party Construction Network and the Xing'an League Personnel Examination Website from time to time, so stay tuned.

The above is provided by the Huatu Institutional Recruitment Examination Network: In 2019, all the public institutions under the Inner Mongolia Xing'an League introduced talents to supplement the 7-person announcement, more about the recruitment and examination conditions of public institutions, institutions, Inner Mongolia

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