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Ziyang Five Primary One student won the first prize in Shangrao Ceramics Exhibition

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On December 7, the quality education achievement demonstration activity in primary and secondary schools in Shangrao City was held in Shangrao Middle School. The activity was divided into four areas: English speech, study trip case display, literacy display, and ceramic display. In the competition, the third (2) class of the school, Wang Yunrou won the first prize.

Ziyang's five elementary schools have advanced concepts. Since the school opened a foreign teacher course in September 2017, it has added a comprehensive ceramic art course in March 2019. This course aims to follow the nature of children's play. Through the use of the brain and hands, it trains students' creative thinking and improves everyone's practical ability. This ceramic art exhibition is divided into porcelain plate painting and on-site clay sculpture. The evaluation requirements are the quality and creativity of the work. Thanks to the foundation of the usual pottery class and the guidance of the tutor, the children's intentions have won this time. (Hong Changkun)

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