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20 Lexus LX570 blackened sports S luxury atmosphere

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[Phoenix.com car market original] 20 Lexus LX570 sports S-type full-size large SUV product series, known for its excellent off-road capabilities and luxurious and comfortable interior space. The first LX entered the North American market in January 1996, and has since set a precedent for luxury SUVs, which has been well received by the media and consumers. LX570 not only enhances the core elements of power, luxury, comfort, etc., but also introduces Lexus's most advanced technology and top-level configuration in intelligent control and safety, reaching the highest level of products in the same level. A functional car sets a new benchmark.

20 Lexus LX570 eight-seat limited Super Sport S with radar ranging, head-up display, shift paddles, aluminum luggage rack, limited bag (large front and rear surround, black large and medium mesh, steel throttle / brake pedal, door (Welcome lights), S limited-patterned foot pads, rear surround chrome, chrome tail throat, external trailer hook, 138 liter dual fuel tank, remote start, body anti-rubbing bar, co-pilot fire extinguisher, running water turn signal, metal paint, logo Spotlight, 21 wheels, refrigerator, sunroof, smart card, electric eye, ring shadow, rear entertainment, chassis lift, front seat ventilation heating (leather), navigation, multifunctional mahogany leather steering wheel, mahogany interior, aviation lighting pedal, LED Xenon lights, headlight cleaning, welcome lights, four-zone air conditioning, three-row electric, electric tailgate, ACC adaptive cruise, rear seat ventilation, lane keeping, parallel assist, two-row sunshade, Marklevinson audio, Back cover with LED lights.

The 20 Lexus LX570 eight-seat limited Super Sport S The biggest change is the front face. The spindle-shaped water tank grill style is a bit like the new GS, and it is more integrated and aggressive. This may be a new Lexus family in the future. Face before. Although the shape of the headlights has not changed, the interior of the lampshade has been upgraded. The position of the turn signal has been shifted from the bottom to the top, and the high beam has also added a lens. In addition, the addition of LED daytime running lights not only adds a sense of fashion to the new car, but also makes the vehicle more eye-catching when driving during the day. At present, LED daytime running lights have been listed in Europe as a must-have when the vehicle leaves the factory. Item configuration.

In the interior of the 20 Lexus LX570, the Lexus LX570 S limited edition uses dual color-matching seat design. This is not available in the ordinary version and the models surrounded by limited editions installed abroad. The 12.3-inch large LCD display runs at the center Faster and smoother, seat ventilation and heating functions.

Twenty Lexus LX570 newly designed multi-function steering wheels, center consoles, and door interiors are all wrapped in leather and precious solid wood interiors. Semi-aniline premium leather seats give passengers just the right support and soft, comfortable touch. The horizontal instrument panel design allows the driver to control the position and status of the vehicle more clearly, and provides a road and off-road control feeling. The 12.3-inch ultra-large LCD screen has the highest level in its class, with a resolution of 1280 * 480. The newly added large-size full-color head-up display can display rich information in three columns, becoming the standard configuration for the entire system.

20 Lexus LX570 Super Sport Editions are equipped with 20 Lexus LX570S Limited Editions with six driving modes and a 5.7 V8 engine. It retains a 5.7-liter V8 naturally aspirated engine and is equipped with a new 8-speed automatic transmission with a maximum power of 270 kW and a peak torque of 530 Nm. Added manual shift paddles and offers six driving mode options: economy, standard, comfort, sport, sport enhanced and custom mode.

I don't set the lowest price in the market. Do not make the highest price, no feeling high. We only earn what we deserve, earn only what we deserve, work hard, and win-win cooperation! Working with me can't guarantee that you will spend the least money, I dare to guarantee you the greatest heart, get quality, efficiency, benefits, a win-win situation, look forward to the cooperation of every new and old customers!

Disclaimer: The above model price information is provided for dealers' reference only; its authenticity, accuracy, and legality are the responsibility of the dealers. Phoenix Motors makes no guarantees and assumes no legal responsibility. The specific transaction prices are based on actual arrival at the store. Prevail.

(The market information is collected from the local dealers, which is based on the current day. It does not mean that the manufacturer ’s behavior / the picture in the text is a real shot of the car. The price information has nothing to do with the location where the picture was taken.)

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