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Teams from 17 countries participate in the film "Skyfire" to provide a new model for the internationalization of Chinese films

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In recent years, more and more Chinese films have "goed overseas" through international cooperation. On December 12, the film "Sky Fire" officially landed in the main creative team composed of cinema nations across the country to shoot and produce, showing the universal values and emotions of father and daughter family, love, friendship, etc. from an international perspective. It is China's first volcanic theme visual effect Disaster blockbuster. It is worth noting that the film changed the traditional Chinese-foreign co-produced film's investment-based participation method. Instead, it was led by the Chinese production team. It hired internationally renowned directors and screenwriters to form an international visual effects production team. This new international cooperation model provides a new solution for the internationalization of Chinese films.

It is understood that the film "Sky Fire" cuts through a volcanic eruption, a global unpredictable catastrophic event, and tells the face of this sudden life and death crisis. Geologist Li Wentao (Wang Xueyi) and his daughter Li Xiaomeng (Kun Ling) They and others started a story of fighting against each other, the danger of self-rescue and the rescue of others, which truly showed the father and daughter's affection, love, friendship and the responsibility to save others' lives before the disaster.

As a volcanic theme disaster film, the film has a total of more than 2,000 lenses, of which visual effects accounted for up to 80%. In order to present the most realistic volcanic eruption scene, the crew purchased more than 20 tons of volcanic ash and consumed more than 500 kilograms of explosives. "Skyfire is by far the fastest volcanic eruption, with extremely damaging destructive power. The mountain exploded, forming a stream of high-temperature volcanic debris, killing everything." In the film, the scene described by geologist Li Wentao is truly shown .

In addition to the special effects of large scenes of volcanic eruption, the film also has clips that penetrate deep into the crater, magma surge, fireballs rushing, and shaking the ground, which have a strong sense of picture and impact. Some moviegoers said, "The picture is so shocking that we need to grab the armrest of the chair to digest this visual shock."

It is understood that the film "Skyfire" took five years to prepare and took two years to shoot and post-production. It was created by the creative teams of 17 countries, especially the film hired the famous Hollywood director Simon West. His previously directed films such as "Air Prison", "Tomb Raider" and "Machinist" have been widely praised internationally.

Dong Wenjie, the chief producer and producer of the film "Skyfire", said: "At the beginning of the preparation of" Skyfire ", we set the goal of shooting Chinese films for the world, and made innovations and explorations from themes, production models to the cooperation team. We It is hoped that this international cooperation can explore a set of film production processes, standards and systems that can reach the international market for Chinese films, and provide a sample for the international cooperation of the Chinese film industry. "

It is understood that Chinese-foreign co-production is an effective attempt for Chinese films to seek an international way out. It has broken cultural barriers to a certain extent and is more conducive to acceptance by overseas audiences. Many previous Chinese and foreign co-production films have been harvested at the box office, such as Megalodon and Midway, but most of them are investment-based participation methods.

The film "Skyfire" is led by the Chinese side, and its production team is involved in all aspects of script creation, director selection, costume design, visual effects and sound production, and post-release, and is equipped with an international production team, a new international The cooperation model provides new ideas for the internationalization of Chinese films.

On the release date, the deputy editor-in-chief of a short video platform stated that although commercial films led by China are similar to Hollywood disaster films in terms of subject matter and film stories, they have produced a science-fiction-like disaster film. The country should encourage this. Homemade tablets.

In his important speech at the National Conference on Propaganda and Ideology, General Secretary Xi Jinping emphasized the need to promote international communication capacity building, tell Chinese stories, spread Chinese voices, show the world a true, three-dimensional, and comprehensive China, and improve the country's cultural soft power and Chinese cultural influence.

Film is the embodiment of the soft power of culture. Chinese film going to the world has a positive meaning for spreading Chinese stories and Chinese culture. Experts in the industry said: The co-productions that have been released now show us the hope of Chinese film internationalization. Only by constantly considering how to better meet the needs of the international market can we ensure the sustainable development of the Chinese film culture industry.

In addition, the film has been planned for multilingual and global distribution after the Spring Festival this year. It will attract overseas audiences with natural disaster stories, shocking visual effects, and international universal values.

Prevention of illegal fundraising and fraudulent sales in the name of elderly care services On December 3, the Ministry of Civil Affairs posted on the official website a risk reminder about illegal fundraising and fraudulent sales of "health products" in the name of elderly care services, reminding the elderly and their families to be more vigilant Risk prevention awareness and identification ability, consciously stay away from illegal fundraising and pyramid schemes, to prevent damage to interests. 【detailed】

16 websites and platforms promise to jointly resist online rumors and purify the online ecology. At the 2019 China Internet Integrity Conference held in Xi'an on December 2, the Central Cyberspace Information Office organized 16 websites including People's Network and Xinhuanet, etc. The platform has signed the "Commitment to Combating Online Rumors" to make a commitment to the society and jointly create a clean and upright Internet ecosystem. 【detailed】

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