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"The second time is also beautiful" six face value who is your most recognized

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"The second time is also beautiful" has been broadcast for more than half. People who like the show will definitely follow it now. People who don't like the show have long abandoned the show. At this point, most of the people who can see this article are viewers and even fans who like the show more. Except for the protagonist's performance at some times, the play is quite good in other places, especially the bad guy Wang Lei, has always been the support of the wonderful highlights of the play.

In addition to the contradictions caused by the bad guys, "The Second Time is Beautiful" should also be a fashion beauty inspirational drama. In addition to the three main male stars (Xu Lang, Yu Feifan, Lei Yuhao), the other starring roles are almost all beautiful women. From the mature and elegant Shen Yilin to the tomboy demon, Xiaobian sorted out a total of six beautiful women. They can be regarded as the face value of the whole drama, supporting a certain number of ratings. Therefore, Xiaobian asked everyone on the title, who among the six beauties is your reason for chasing the drama? Who are you chasing for? Who do you recognize most?

The following is an order of beauty from low to high according to personal aesthetic standards. If readers and friends have their own sorting, please also leave a message in the comment area.

To be honest, the little demon is really not worthy of appearance, she is even worse than Linda who actively pursued Lei Yuhao. However, judging from her rugged friendship with An An, she is worth mentioning in terms of character-the children of the poor are early in their lives. This earned her some points in front of the audience. In addition, don't look at the fair value of the little demon, but the youthful temperament emanating from her can definitely earn a lot of goodwill of the opposite sex. Not only is An An willing to be a good friend with her, it is estimated that many men will like her more.

She is An An's good sister. She, Qiu Tian and An An should be sisters. However, with the development of the plot, Susan almost became a soy sauce character, and for a long time she had not seen her appear on the screen. Later, I walked around because the sweater was disconnected, and then Susan's shot came back. From the point of view of face value alone, Su Shan has the lowest face value among the three sisters.

Among these six beauties, Shen Yilin should be a more mature beauties. Her beauty is reflected in cold, arrogant and elegant. As long as she stops there, it is estimated that many men will not dare to approach, because they are afraid to hold her. In fact, if it wasn't for the incident a few years ago, she and Xu Lang might have formed a family. However, because both people are so proud and hard-hearted, they are probably not suitable for being together.

As soon as Qiu Tian appeared, Xiaobian began to like her. Her beauty was that of richness, abundance, nobility, and beauty. She has the best value for wearing marten. Seeing Qiu Tian's beauty, she thought she must have a dad who opened a gold mine. In character, Qiu Tian is cheerful, easy-going, straightforward and kind. This also added a lot of points to her face value. To put it old-fashionedly, women are not cute because of their beauty, but because they are cute.

This is a green tea scum and a scum girl who is particularly vicious and spicy in the play. If you disregard personality and character, Wang Lei is definitely a clean and blooming lotus on a sunny summer day, and a flower that is more pure than An An. However, her character is too scum to hurt her face. Such a bad woman, even if her face value bursts, then what's the point in the end? On the contrary, if it is not Wang Lei's character, the beauty ranked first will not be An An.

Wang Ziwen is also an old actor. In this drama, her frozen age-like face value, let me give her the nickname "Tianshan Tongyi", which is two words on the whole: delicate. Except for Wang Ziwen, who is sometimes fooling and playing fake, everything is pretty good. Later, when she really entered the role, she grasped both the emotional and rational dimensions quite accurately. In addition, Ann arranged first place because of her protagonist halo.

In fact, in addition to these six beauties, there are two beauties, such as Linda and Qi Li in the lawyer's building. But because they have fewer shots and plays, they are still transitional characters. Therefore, I did not include them, but the two face values are not inferior to the above six beautiful women. Let's take a closer look. They all have pretty delicate faces. Over time, they will definitely grow better.

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