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[Daai Port City Net Red this week] Sun Liqun—Stand up to rescue drowning tourists in critical times

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Taiwanese rich and young Li Zongrui, Taiwanese Han and Tang Yuefu, Taiwan's good helper, Taiwanese TV live broadcast, Taiwan nine in one

During the "Eleventh" this year, Chen Jie, 58, and his wife came to Qinhuangdao from Beijing to travel. In order to catch crabs, they came to the breakwater on the south side of the intersection of Zhejiang South Road and Pengtai Road in Shanhaiguan District on the morning of October 4. Chen Jie walked along the edge of the breakwater, and his wife followed him in a relatively flat area in the middle. A fishing man at the coastline in the distance. "There is moss on this side. It's very slippery, please be careful." A fisherman reminded Chen Jie kindly. But Chen Jie didn't care. I didn't expect that this sentence didn't finish for a while. Chen Jie stepped on the foot of the moss and slipped into the sea. The place where Chen Jie fell into the water was far away from the seaside, and the cold sea water instantly passed his head. Because the breakwater blocked the impact of the waves, Chen Jie was not washed back by the waves, but was carried farther and farther by the seawater.

Seeing her husband falling into water, Chen Jie's wife was anxious while crying for help. After hearing the call for help, three fishermen rushed over immediately, one of whom had reminded Chen Jie was Sun Liqun. "When we arrived, he had been pushed out by the sea for five or six meters." Sun Liqun recalled the urgent moment, when he turned around and jumped into the sea without any hesitation.

"When I swam to his side, his head had been flooded with seawater, leaving only two arms still shaking on the water." Sun Liqun recalled that at the time, he was going to grab Chen Jie's arm and pull him up. Jie's right hand suddenly grabbed his right arm and dragged him down instantly. Fortunately, Sun Liqun was in danger, and responded quickly: "I immediately grabbed his right arm with a backhand, turned again, supported his left shoulder with his left hand, and then forced his legs upwards with his legs, his face soon revealed. The surface of the water. "Sun Liqun took Chen Jie to swim back to the breakwater and was dragged up by two other fishing friends and Chen Jie's wife. Chen Jie, who had escaped from the death, sat on the ground, pale and shivering. Sun Liqun returned to his car with his friends after making sure that he was not in the way.

At this time, Sun Liqun was soaked, and he quickly got into the car to turn on the warm air for heating. At this time, Chen Jie's wife came over and said excitedly, "Thank you very much, thank you for being here." She expressed her gratitude incoherently and asked Sun Liqun's name and phone number. However, Sun Liqun refused to say anything, just said, "Take your lover to the hospital for a checkup, don't freeze it on a cold day." Without a name, Chen Jie's wife can only remember Sun Liqun's license plate number. After returning to Beijing, the Chen Jie couple couldn't let go of this incident, and resolved to find a life-saving benefactor. It took them more than a month and several rounds to finally find the relevant information of Sun Liqun.

On the other hand, Sun Liqun, who saved the people, didn't worry about it. He is 47 years old and is a business receptionist at the Shanhaiguan Customer Service Branch of Qinhuangdao Power Supply Company of State Grid Jibei Electric Power Co., Ltd. In the eyes of colleagues, this big brother is very skilled and helpful. Sun Liqun never mentioned to others about saving people in the sea. Until November 27, the Chen Jie and his wife came to the company with a pennant, and their colleagues did not know about it.

Faced with praise and admiration from colleagues, Sun Liqun didn't feel that he had done anything serious. Chen Jie and his wife took out another 50,000 yuan in cash to express their gratitude. They were firmly rejected by Sun Liqun and only received the pennant. He said: "I grew up by the seaside, and I was a soldier in the Navy for 4 years, and the water was pretty good. In that case, I would definitely save people."

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