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@ Teachers: Please note! Don't let these 4 occupational diseases ruin your health!

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Turning the eyeball clockwise 10 times and then counterclockwise 10 times can move the eyeball up and down, left and right, relieve eye fatigue, relax eye muscles, and protect the eye nerve blood vessels.

If you look at the distance for 45 minutes continuously, you should take about 5 minutes to look at the distance. If there are high-rise buildings, you can look at the roof, but be careful not to let the sun shine directly into your eyes.

When you feel uncomfortable and want to clear your throat, it is best to take a big mouthful of water immediately, and the water should be swallowed slowly. If there is no water around, you can repeat the swallowing action repeatedly to achieve the purpose of clearing your throat.

People who often suffer from pharyngitis should try to avoid spicy food, spirits and strong tea. Ginger, pepper, pepper, and pepper will aggravate the symptoms of pharynx.

Neck slowly forward, hold for 5 seconds, then return to the original position; do the extension in the same way. Repeat 10 times, the activity should be mild to the neck and shoulders, pain can be tolerated, and should not be fast, large, excessive force.

Adjust the height and inclination of the table top to keep the normal physiological curve of the head, neck, and chest. After a few hours, get up and move for 5 minutes to relax the neck and shoulder muscles.

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