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T-EDGE Global Innovation Conference opens in Beijing

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China News Network, Beijing News, December 6 (Reporter Du Yan) The three-day "2019 T-EDGE Global Innovation Conference" opened today in Beijing Daxing, with over 100 top global innovations from the United States, Europe, Japan, Israel and other countries Leaders explore the differences and consensus in the new world structure.

The theme of this conference is “Division and Consensus”, and it will set up sections such as the Forum on Science and Technology Globalization, the China-Japan International Cooperation Industry Forum, the International Summit on Industrial Technology, the New Finance Summit and the Chainsights Fintech and Blockchain China Summit.

Zhou Liyun, secretary of the Beijing Daxing District Party Committee, said at the opening ceremony that the Global Innovation Conference will be permanently settled in Daxing, and will become an important platform for Daxing District to build a new national image and enhance its international level.

He pointed out that Daxing is located in the south of the capital and is known as "the world's first eup". The "Daxing District Planning" just approved by the Beijing Municipal Government recently proposed that Daxing District "constructs the new capital of the southern part of Beijing, the new national gate of the capital of Beijing, the Tianjin-Tianjin-Hebei region to gather and circulate the new arteries of regional resources, the scientific and technological innovation and transformation of scientific and technological achievements, and urban and rural areas. "Land system reform first zone" development goal.

He said that the master plan of Daxing International Airport Airport Economic Zone has been officially approved. At the same time, the China (Hebei) Pilot Free Trade Zone also covers the Daxing Airport area. Daxing has become the only development area in Beijing with a free trade zone. In the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei area, the “Three Airspace Economic Zones, Free Trade Zones and Comprehensive Insurance Zones” are formed. Advantage of policy integration. Daxing will coordinate the construction of the free trade zone and comprehensive insurance zone, superimpose the policies of the service industry, expand the comprehensive pilot and free trade pilot zone policies, promote institutional innovation, and make every effort to create an international communication center function bearing zone and a national aviation science and technology innovation leading zone. , Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei coordinated development demonstration area.

Dan Shechtman, the 2011 Nobel Laureate in Chemistry and a professor at the Israel Institute of Technology, was the first discoverer of the quasicrystal structure. He introduced Israel's experience in innovation and entrepreneurship at the conference, and said that he had come to China many times in the past 30 years and saw China's rapid development. Facing new challenges, China must be prepared to promote technological entrepreneurship. "Technological products are transformed into upgradeable products, creating better value."

George Gilder, one of the three thinkers in the "digital era" and a famous American economist, believes that no matter whether it is in Israel, the United States, or China, there will be more and more creativity and more and more entrepreneurial companies It will bring about the establishment of a new world system and create a new world economic form.

Zhang Jingan, former vice minister of the Ministry of Science and Technology, said that the current world is a world of innovation, and innovation is already the engine of China's development. China's eight "unexpected emergences of innovation" are reflected in the areas of incubator, maker, rural returning economy, unicorn, graphene strategy, artificial intelligence, 5G and digital economy.

Today, Israel ’s former Minister of Education and Chairman of the Israel Higher Education Council, Shai Piron, Rose Luckin, Chairman of the AIED Executive Committee of the World ’s Leading AI Education Conference, Dan Catarivas, Chairman of the European Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Israel ’s Dan Catarivas, Chairman and CEO of 360 Group, and Hong Zhou Zhou are discussing the new situation in the world. China's new era of opening up.

The T-EDGE Global Innovation Conference has been held for six times, and more than 600 innovation leaders from more than 30 countries have stepped on the T-EDGE stage. More than 200 innovative companies are linked to new investment and business opportunities here. As the organizer's national new media industry base, Titanium Media Group said that the 2019 T-EDGE Global Innovation Conference will save more innovation energy for Beijing and Daxing, and also provide in-depth exchanges and excavations for domestic and foreign scientific and technological innovation companies and leaders. The platform of the resource. (Finish)

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