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Don't miss the first day of T-EDGE Essence by Titanium Media. See if you are there 2019 TE

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On the main road of Daxing New City, the flag of the 2019 T-EDGE Global Innovation Conference flew; the Daxing Starlight Vision Center was surrounded by a group of cutting-edge technology enthusiasts.

The 5000+ T-EDGE pioneers attended, 100+ domestic and foreign leading leaders discussed in depth, and the 2019 T-EDGE Global Innovation Conference jointly sponsored by Titanium Media and the National New Media Industry Base was grandly opened.

Heavy guests, wonderful speeches, off-site interaction, cutting-edge technology products ... Here Titanium sets up a time machine for everyone to take you back to the wonderful moments of the first day of the conference and make up for your regret that you did not arrive.

First come to feel the hot scene of the sign-in seat, Beijing's cold weather has not hindered everyone's enthusiasm. On December 6th, the audience who arrived soon after signed the titanium media to Xiwei.

At 8 am on December 6, a tech-savvy opening video brought the atmosphere to a climax, which also kicked off the T-EDGE Global Innovation Conference-[Technical Globalization] Forum.

In this year's opening speech, Zhao Hejuan reiterated the specific meaning of "T-EDGE": T is the abbreviation of Technology, that is, technology; EDGE is the meaning of pioneer, cutting-edge, and cutting-edge. At the same time, EDGE is also divided by Economy, Digitalization. Composed of digitalization, globalization, and efficiency. This also means that technology is an important driving force for future social and economic development. T-EDGE also has the important significance of cutting-edge technology and innovation to promote economic development, world digitization, globalization, and more efficient social operation.

As the organizer of T-EDGE, Zhao Hejuan said that the future world is full of unknowns and challenges, and we are very happy to be friends and partners who all face the challenges together in the future. T-EDGE will firmly do well as an important connector and communication front for global frontier innovators for China.

Dan Shechtman, George Gilder, Zhang Jingan, Xi Ziping, Zhou Hongyi, Shai Piron, Rose Luckin, Liu Jun, Wang Kai, Dan Catarivas, Li Bin, Liu Jianguo, Ehud Menipaz and many other guests shared their views and opinions. These philosophical ideas that condense wisdom are enough for you to collect and digest the whole year in the future:

Google's ecosystem has gathered the world's economic systems in the past few decades, providing four major services such as big data, cloud computing, machine learning, artificial intelligence, search and satisfaction, but now, the Google system is being broken by the crypto system We are entering the edge of a new system.

Zhang Jingan, Chairman of the China Science and Technology System Reform Research Association, Vice Chairman of the China Center of the International Eurasian Academy of Sciences, Former Vice Minister of the Ministry of Science and Technology, and Former President of Science and Technology Daily:

The next ten or two decades will be the era of the explosion of artificial intelligence, which will rapidly change life and change the world. Artificial intelligence has become the new focus of great power competition and is extremely accurate. Big data runs more, and ordinary people run less.

Technology can help us solve some problems caused by technology, so we can't treat technology directly as the source of injustice. Blocking a technology is not the answer.

The development of science and technology is no longer a fight for the strength of a single person, but a fight to gather strength. He believes that the most important thing for China's economic development and talent training is the establishment of a scientific innovation mechanism. China today has no shortage of young engineers. What it lacks is an open source, crowdsourcing collaboration mechanism.

Rosenkin, the 2017 Selden list "one of the 20 most influential educators", the head of the Knowledge Lab in London, and the chairman of the AIED executive committee of the international top AI education academic conference:

AI must be a tool. It will never be possible to use tools to enslave students. Teachers should have some control over AI so that good teachers can make copies.

We originally provided our children with a closed garden to let them go to inspire curiosity. But now through artificial intelligence, we can predict which garden the child can enter next when the child is playing in this garden, which brings more possibilities.

We do n’t have many raw materials, they are all imported, and the only raw material is the brain. We hope to keep the forefront of technology and promote the development of globalization and internationalization through the development of knowledge and technology

Just as mobile phones have been evolving, cars are likely to evolve from EV to Smart EV. Ultimately, electric vehicles will become popular. In addition to concerns about climate change, it is also more suitable for autonomous driving.

Different countries, home appliance needs, and family cultures are different. We hope to learn about the culture and almost mutual benefit of different countries by doing global business in more than 100 countries around the world, serving the smart homes around the world.

Innovation and entrepreneurship is essentially a complex and quantifiable ecosystem. When we review the underlying logic of Israeli innovation, we can abstract some characteristic values that affect innovation and entrepreneurship, such as the educational environment, per capita research and development capabilities, entrepreneurial activity density, and fearlessness. The psychology of entrepreneurship, etc.

Sogou AI host "Yani" has received high attention on the debut of the T-EDGE stage, while Sogou AI anchors, Sogou Simultaneous Interpreters and other industries are behind the application of innovative products-

Tomorrow will also bring his keynote speech at the Industrial Technology International Summit tomorrow afternoon. Wang Yifeng is responsible for the research and development and application of Sogou voice, vision, NLP and other technologies, as well as AI technology-based product innovation and industry services, and leads the team to continuously build Sogou core user products.

After watching the venue, let us look away. Outside the conference hall, there are also many interesting pictures. Follow the time machine of Titanium Girl to review!

Technological trend life vane-Titanium empty cabin is still full of tide, bringing more fresh and fun technology tide and creative products, no one can escape the "Amway" of titanium empty cabin.

The most amazing thing is that the "cover", which was launched by Titanium Media this year, is presented in the exhibition area with a large curtain, which truly conveys professional, deep and exclusive content persistence.

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