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"Killing Floor 2" will continue the previous bloody special effects and will be even better. The game will also retain the slow-motion special effects in the previous game. Thanks to motion capture, the slow-motion specials in this game will be more real and cool. Game features: Bloody system with internal organs flying: This game will continue the iconic bloody special effects of the previous game, but it will be even better. Each monster body in Killing Space 2 has 19 dismemberment points. You can dismember the enemy in any way you like, and you can even cut the enemy's head as a watermelon. Support 6-person cooperation or single-player breakthrough: "Killing Space 2" has multiple characters with different appearances and skills, for players to choose to use in a cooperation mode that supports up to 6 people. At the same time, players who like to challenge themselves can choose one person to fight against the entire monster army. The horrifying Zed (collectively, the "Killing Space" series of monsters): the most popular monsters in the previous game will return in this game, of course, there will be new types of monsters, and they will all have more intelligent AI, All this will be the beginning of the player's nightmare. Unique arsenal: from modern military assault rifles to historical guns; from brutal temporary expedient weapons to crazy "scientist" weapons, the unique arsenal provided by Killing Space 2 can definitely meet the "killing" of players desire. Expanded skill system: The skill system in the previous game has been greatly improved. Players will have more flexible options when choosing skills. Different choices will also be reflected in the game style of players. Cruel melee system: Killing Space 2 completely remakes the melee combat system. In this game, players can control their own moves to kill Zed.

45 Replies to Ranger netizens [Zhejiang netizens] 07-22 22:25 Can you play? Report 45 Reply to the latest comment Ranger netizen [China Mobile netizen] 12-10 11:11 When you go in, it is English. Please ask the gods to teach you how to adjust Chinese! Report 5 replies to q [Nanjing City, Jiangsu Province (Gulou District) Telecom ADSL Netizen] 02-22 17:55 When steam bought 56 yuan, it has been 200 hours in 15 years, and I have n’t played much. It ’s still good to kill a few dishes every day. 1 reply Ranger netizen [Yunnan Unicom netizen] 01-27 01:34 Can ranger netizen Zhejiang netizens play? Report 45 Reply Steam platform can play but you have to pay to report to Ranger netizens [Yunnan Unicom netizen] 01-27 01:32 Ranger netizen Unicom netizens in Huaihua City, Hunan Province have not done a good job, advertising has been far better, but It ’s not as disgusting as death space. If I just fight zombies, I do n’t know if I can overcome the biochemical crisis. =========== Report 334 Reply to Ranger Netizen Chongqing Netizen silly playing your archangel sword Where is the fun of this game? Report 415 very good games and haven't made you pay to play. What do you like to play or not? So many games, there are always a few games that are suitable for you to play. Whose game is better than anyone else? Report 31 Reply to Ranger netizens [Anhui netizens] 08-03 13:52

Reply to Ranger users [Telecom users in Hengshui City, Hebei Province] 06-10 11:02 Can't play! !! !! !! !! !! !! !! !! !! !! !! !! !! !! !! !! !! !! !! Report 1 Reply to NanGuangfang [Zhejiang Huzhou Telecom Netizen] 03-24 20:56 It has not been updated for a long time. Report 2 Reply to Ranger netizens [Chongqing netizen] 01-22 14:24 Ranger netizens Unicom users in Huaihua City, Hunan Province, have n’t done a good job, the ads are already far better, but they ’re not as disgusting as if they were only killed Zombies, I do n’t know if I can overcome the biochemical crisis =========== Report 334 ] 12-19 05: 574 May 5th version ca n’t be played. Only the website launch icon reports 41 replies to Ranger netizens [Zhejiang netizens] 07-22 22:25 Can you play? Report 45 Reply to Ranger netizens [Zhejiang netizens] 07-22 22:24 Can you play? Report 34 Reply to Ranger netizens [Netizens of Unicom, Huaihua City, Hunan Province] 05-26 06:41 There is no death space to do well, the advertising is far away Victory, but it ’s not as disgusting as the dead space. If I only fight zombies, I do n’t know if I can overcome the biochemical crisis. [Netizen] 05-02 16:02 offline mode measured can not play. Unclear online. Report

45 replies to Ranger netizens [Netizens of Maoming City, Guangdong Province] 04-29 05:42 This scene is still a matter of reporting Eyes, do you have to report 58 online to reply to Ranger users [Netizens in Suzhou, Jiangsu Province] 03-23 10:18 How to play a zombie game report 411 Reply to Ranger users [Changsha Telecom users in Hunan Province] 02-28 20: 41 has pc? Report 32 Reply to Ranger netizen [Sichuan Telecom netizen] 02-09 23:50 Buy buy buy report 32 Reply Aldrick [Huainan City, Anhui Province] 12-28 11:58 Wait and wait crazy report 41 reply __ 宅 [ Netizens in Dongguan, Guangdong Province] 12-09 16:08. . . . Ah report 3 replies next page last page total 2 pages a client

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