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ATT announces company development and future expectations

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(1) It is expected that the compound annual growth rate of revenue from 2020-2022 will be 1% -2%, and the growth will mainly come from wireless, Warner Media and Mexico businesses; it is expected that interest and tax will shrink in 2022. In the past 5 years, through software-defined networking, network function virtualization and automation, network costs have been saved by 6% -8% per year.

(2) Good network performance and public recognition of its network quality will promote wireless business growth. At the same time, targeted promotional activities, public safety emergency network FirstNet, and content bundling will also enable AT & T to maintain a competitive advantage.

(3) The entertainment business is expected to achieve the goal of stable A in 2019. It is expected that the peak of video user churn will be in the third quarter, and about 400,000 users are using high discount video packages.

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