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5G products fully force the purchase of GBET365 mobile phones, prices are bound to rise

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The composition, especially the arrival of 5G smartphones, has accelerated the iteration of mobile phone heat dissipation technology, and has also driven sales growth of related heat dissipation material manufacturers.

Just as other companies' 5G products began to increase in volume, the company's sales of heat dissipation materials and shielding materials are indeed increasing, which is in line with the trend of 5G intelligent terminals.

It is worth noting that according to the Prospective Industry Research Institute, the annual compound growth rate of the heat dissipation industry from 2018 to 2023 is 8%, and the market size is expected to increase from 149.7 billion yuan in 2018 to 219.9 billion yuan in 2023. Among them, the heat dissipation of mobile phones accounts for about 7% of the total industry scale, which was about 10 billion yuan in 2018.

Therefore, with the continuous improvement of chip power density, in addition to 5G smartphones, soaking plates have been widely used in the heat dissipation of high-power devices such as CPU, NP, ASIC, etc., which has also stimulated the simultaneous growth of demand for cooling materials in the mainland market , Thermal material manufacturers will usher in excellent development opportunities.

It is true that China attaches great importance to the development of 5G, and issued a series of relevant documents to open a green channel for 5G in the country. Local governments are also actively implementing this policy. This is because the emergence of 5G has a major impact on China's economy, technology, politics and other fields, and can directly change people's lifestyles.

Obviously, compared with 4G, 5G has more advantages in various aspects such as connection number, delay, peak speed, mobility, and terminal standby. In the 5G era, people can enjoy higher-speed network experience and improve work efficiency in all sectors of society. It is also because of the emergence of 5G that Huawei phones have reached the peak again, with the ability to compete with Apple phones.

As 5G technology gradually matures and begins to be used, 5G mobile phones have also begun to be sold and purchased by many people. According to relevant data from research institute IDC, China's 5G mobile phone sales in the third quarter of 2019 exceeded 485,000. With the gradual improvement of the construction of 5G networks across the country, 5G mobile phone sales are bound to rise.

The emergence of 5G mobile phones has made many people want to buy them, especially GBET, a mobile phone enthusiast who has already deployed 5G network areas. Come to the 36557 store to fight against the eye. Gifting 5G mobile phones as an emerging thing will inevitably be a bit expensive, but people want to experience the new technology immediately. Under such circumstances, Shanghai Qin Cang Information Technology Co., Ltd. launched the "APP" to allow the public to quickly use 5G mobile phones.

It is a mobile credit fintech service product. Customers who want to purchase 3C products such as 5G mobile phones need to go to the online C consumption scenario to apply for installment loans. Then, "" The technology system created by a technology team composed of top investment institutions in Silicon Valley and top talents in China's top banks only takes 2.8 minutes to review. Once the review is passed, the goods can be collected.

The function of 5G mobile phones must be more perfect than that of 4G mobile phones. The early use of 5G mobile phones means an early step ahead of the times. Maybe you are in trouble of funds and cannot buy. But the purpose of "" is "I will pay for your dreams."

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