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Preview of "F Starcoin" card collection activity for "Goddess Planet"

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Elegant House, Yao Jin Maoyue, Adam Johnson, Aden Bay Star Gate, Aden Bay Star Gate Event

宓 雅: Dear Commanders, In order to celebrate the coming of the Draw Card Festival, I have prepared a small gift for you here ~ I hope you like it!

During the event period, Xunya will deliver [Senior Recruitment Device] to all commanders at noon from December 6 to December 11.

During the event time, the commander completes the designated task, and can get rich rewards such as the event prop "F Star Coin", advanced recruitment device, and topaz.

Among them, you can get rare items [Citrine] and a large number of F-star coins after completing X advanced recruitments. After reaching the designated number of card draws, you can get the current recruitment probability up role! Complete other missions to get a lot of advanced recruiting devices.

During the event time, the commander can use the adventure to hang up to get the event props-"F Star Coins" that can be redeemed for the limited time store. Players can redeem the excellent S-level equipment, designated rare S-level demigods, random S-level demigods, random S-level equipment, and other generous rewards through "F Star Coins".

宓 Ya Friendship reminder: Please arrange your "F Star Coins" reasonably and plan your exchange strategy. After the event, the time-limited store will be closed for one day (closed on December 13), and you will not be able to redeem the time-limited store reward. .

Huaya: Hua Ji, there is actually a hot heart hidden under the appearance of Gao Leng. She always considers it very well when making a battle plan. Hunters or demigods who have worked with her have a high level of her. Evaluation. Good at targeting the enemy's more threatening units. When attacking, it has the probability to reduce the entire enemy's energy. Commander, to deal with unexpected dangers and open up adventure journeys, Hua Ji must make us the best choice!

From December 6th to December 13th, Star City will open a limited time package for players to purchase. Rare S-Class Heroes-Phantom Sword, Rare S-Class Heroes-God of War, S-Class Swordmaster Set, rich training supplies are waiting for you!

Currently, Star City's recommended gift packages are updated from time to time. In the Star City recommended list, players will be able to purchase mysterious props such as S-level demigods, S-level equipment, and training resources through diamonds!

Game features: [Place on-hook] Easily hang up unlimited resources. Hundreds of goddesses are waiting for you to collect. [Pin-up face changeover] Free pinch-face height restoration. Fashion sharing. Random match. hunter! [Simulation battlefield] Protoss girl from ancient times, can you attack her? [Trial battlefield] Go beyond yourself, push the limits, and get rich treasures! [Endless test] How long can you persist in the face of a steady stream of powerful enemies? Developer: Shanghai Yinyue Network Technology Co., Ltd.

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