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Shenzhen F518 Creative Park brand image upgrades again

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Recently, a letter of thanks from Frank Rose, Mayor of Edinburgh, has added a strong warmth to the friendship between Shenzhen and Edinburgh, and has made Shenzhen-Edinburgh International

Adhering to international docking, and constantly enhancing mutual trust through friendly exchanges, the "Shenzhen ¡¤ Love Center" is full of confidence in advancing exchanges between the two cities in the areas of creativity, education, science and technology, and broader cooperation in the humanities.

Since the establishment of the Shenzhen Love Center in 2015, Shenzhen Creative Investment Group has adhered to the mission and goal of “the source of integration and optimization of the international cultural and creative industry chain”, actively integrated the high-quality industrial resources of the two places, and continuously improved its international incubation capabilities, effectively promoting the The international cooperation and exchanges between the cultural and creative industries in Shenzhen and Edinburgh have promoted the international development of cultural and creative enterprises in the two places.

In the past 4 years, we have fully leveraged the advantages of the two places and held more than 60 high-starting, high-standard, high-quality international events. This has deepened the Scottish people ’s understanding of Chinese culture and the Shenzhen cultural and creative industry, and gradually established Shenzhen. Good image of cultural and creative industries.

In addition, through the operation of the Shenzhen Love Center, it connects the resources of the local government, institutions, associations and colleges in Edinburgh to serve the international development of Chinese enterprises. In 2018, he assisted Huawei to successfully land in the R & D center in Edinburgh; in the same year, it helped Digital Tiger integrate the resources of Edinburgh universities and institutions and build a "interdisciplinary + digital media" business model.

At present, Shenzhen has proposed the grand goal of building a "global regional cultural center city" and an "international cultural innovation and creative pioneer city", which is a new direction for Shenzhen's cultural innovation and development. Shenzhen and Edinburgh formally form a sister city, which will further promote the process of Shenzhen's construction of an international capital of innovation and creativity.

Standing at a new historical starting point, Shenzhen Creative Investment Group will bravely assume a new mission and strive for new actions. On the journey of Shenzhen to build a "global regional cultural center city" and an "international cultural innovation and creative pioneer city", Shenzhen Creative Investment Group will strive to move towards the integration and optimization of the "international cultural and creative industry chain" on the basis of comprehensively summing up its previous operation experience. "The source of policy".

The first is to take Edinburgh as the core, gradually expand the cooperation area, and expand the foreign cooperation area to Scotland and even Europe; the second is to persist in creating a series of high-quality industrial activities, integrate high-end industrial resources, and promote the international development of cultural and creative industries; the third is to highlight the industry Focus on cooperation and operation, and continuously promote the international cooperation in the "culture + technology" industry. The fourth is to vigorously promote the "going out" of cultural brands, polish the "Shenzhen design" brand, and enhance the international influence of Shenzhen cultural and creative industries. Strengthen cooperation with overseas universities and institutions, set up the Sino-Soviet (Scotland) Innovation Center, and attract overseas talents and high-quality innovation projects to Shenzhen.

In order to cope with the development of Shenzhen Creative Investment Group's international strategy, its Shenzhen F518 Creative Park will fully implement a new image upgrade. With the "International Flag Park" as its orientation, it will strengthen the direction of international incubation and cooperation and further support high-tech innovation companies in the two places. Expand business and create a new model of win-win cooperation between international cities.

It is understood that the Shenzhen F518 Creative Park brand image upgrade action will be officially unveiled on December 7th on the second floor of the park's Chuangzhan Center "Remodeling REBUILD-F518 12th Anniversary Extreme Carnival Day", a series of activities including "Chaohuaxi The organizer hopes to create a carnival feast that evokes strong resonance among creative people. It is reported that on the 12th anniversary of the Extreme Creation Carnival of the day, Shenzhen Creative Investment Group will release the future internationalization

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