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Free sports, recreation, skills training ... Workers' Culture Palace becomes a school and paradise for employees

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Be a good main force and build a new era of merit. In 2019, the province's trade unions focused on achieving high-quality development, focused on the major deployment of the Provincial Party Committee and the Provincial Government, adhered to the leadership of party building, deepened reform and innovation, implemented key breakthroughs, and promoted the innovative development of the work of trade unions in Shandong in the new era.

In order to fully show the new actions of the trade unions at all levels in our province in the new era, starting from December 6, Qilu Evening News Qilu Yidian opened a special topic of “Becoming a Main Force and Building a New Era-2019 Shandong Federation of Trade Unions Work Record”, Special media reports on the highlights of trade unions in the province.

There is such a place where employees can exercise, play and learn for free. There are table tennis halls and badminton halls with high facilities; classes such as drama, dance, and music are set up according to the employees' hobbies; in addition to entertainment and sports, employee skills and education and training can also be conducted. This is the school and paradise for the workers, the Workers' Palace of Culture. Qilu Evening News Qilu Yidian reporter learned that the comprehensive launch of the Workers' Cultural Palace's centralized rectification and promotion action was included in one of the 12 key tasks of the Shandong Federation of Trade Unions in 2019.

Promoting the reform and development of the Workers 'Palace of Culture as the consensus and conscious action of the provincial labor unions, the city and county federations of trade unions set off a climax of cleanup, rectification, development and construction, and the province's Workers' Palace of Culture showed a new climate.

At 6:30 a.m. every morning, 65-year-old Jiang Hong came to the Workers' Culture Palace in Zibo City and played Tai Chi with a group of friends. "It's close to home and the environment is very good. Every day, there are tens of thousands of people coming here to exercise, or to relax. We like it very much," Jiang Hong said.

The Zibo Workers' Cultural Palace covers an area of more than 70 acres.It is divided into five parts: leisure park, sports square, training school, movie theater, and exhibition hall.It can provide leisure and entertainment, sports and fitness, cultural performances, training and education for the majority of employees for free. Various services have made more grassroots workers feel the warmth of the union's "home".

The prosperity and development of the Zibo Workers 'Cultural Palace is just a microcosm of Shandong Province's improvement and improvement of the Workers' Cultural Palace. In recent years, the Shandong Provincial Federation of Trade Unions has carried out the centralized renovation and improvement of the Workers 'Palace of Culture in the province, supervised and rectified the 107 Workers' Palace of Culture originally reported in the province, rewarded 44 companies for normal operation, and proposed for 63 companies that need to be rectified Suggestions for rectification within a time limit. As of the end of 2018, the cleanup and rectification tasks of 63 workers' cultural palaces were all completed. Since then, the development of the Workers' Cultural Palace in the province has taken the "fast track."

At one time, the bustling and lively Workers 'Palace of Culture was the landmark of the city. Almost every county (urban area) has a Workers' Palace of Culture, which brings cultural entertainment and spiritual enjoyment to employees. "Under the impact of the market economy, some workers' cultural palaces have to embark on the road of operation in order to survive, and the phenomenon of" renting houses to pay wages "and" commercial support palaces "has appeared. The cultural paradise of employees has begun to decline. The phenomenon exists in Shandong Province to varying degrees. This has also become a pain in the hearts of trade union cadres. "Shao Zhanqiu, head of the Assets Supervision and Management Center of the Provincial Federation of Trade Unions, told reporters.

On April 15 this year, the Shandong Provincial Federation of Trade Unions issued the "Opinions on Centralized Improvement and Promotion of Workers' Cultural Palace" and "Shandong Workers' Cultural Palace Construction Project Awards and Subsidies" and "Shandong County Workers' Cultural Palace Public Welfare Project" “Implementation Measures” (hereinafter referred to as “one opinion and two measures”), it is planned to invest RMB 300-400 million to subsidize the construction, reconstruction and expansion of the Workers ’Cultural Palace in the province, and supplement the normal operation of the Workers’ Cultural Palace with awards. Provincial Workers' Palace of Culture is upgrading. In addition, the "High-quality Development Evaluation System for Trade Union Work in the Province" was formulated (trial), taking the construction of the Workers' Palace of Culture as an evaluation index.

In order to fully promote the upgrade and upgrade of the Workers' Cultural Palace in the province, the Provincial Federation of Trade Unions also actively promoted the local government to incorporate the workers' cultural palace construction, maintenance, and management funds into the capital construction plans and financial budgets of government investment projects at the same level, and promoted the Workers' Cultural Palace to enjoy public welfare cultural units. Preferential policies for the price of public services such as water, electricity, gas, etc., promote interconnection with local public cultural institutions, and participate in the co-construction and sharing of regional culture. In addition, support for promoting the reform and development of the Workers' Cultural Palace in the province was included in the topics of the 2019 joint meeting of the provincial government and the provincial federation of trade unions.

The reporter noted that in the "One Opinion and Two Measures", the construction standards for the Workers' Palace of Culture were stipulated. According to the five elements of building scale, operation management, service functions, institutional settings, and funding guarantees, the Workers' Palace of Culture is divided into one category (operating costs and staff wages are all financed), and the second category (financial burden of operating expenses and staff wages) One) and three categories (operating costs and staff wages are mainly borne by the union) Workers' Palace of Culture.

We will focus on supporting the first and second class workers' cultural palaces, of which the first-class award subsidy fund does not exceed 3 to 5 million yuan, and the second-class reward subsidy fund does not exceed 2 to 4 million yuan, and the third type of county-level worker culture palace is appropriately supported. The subsidy target is mainly for the 63 workers' cultural palaces that had the task of cleaning and rectification in the early stage.

In order to motivate 39 county-level workers' cultural palaces that normally carry out activities, the Provincial Federation of Trade Unions also provided 500,000 yuan for special upgrade fees and “rewarding” funds. Up to now, the provincial Federation of Trade Unions has allocated more than 10 million yuan to support the special expenses for upgrading files and "rewarding with awards". "Substituting awards" is targeted at the county-level workers' cultural palace, which is the normal activity of the provincial Federation of Trade Unions. During the three-year centralized improvement period, 39 county-level workers' cultural palaces were targeted. Satisfy the conditions of “six things” (there are venues, personnel, funds, systems, projects, and performance), and the annual “3 + X” (3 refers to employee education and training, employee cultural activities, employee sports) Class, X refers to the county-level workers' cultural palace of employee service or other types of non-profit service activities that can be carried out according to their functions. They can apply for the annual "substituting awards" special funds of the Provincial Federation of Trade Unions.

The Provincial Federation of Trade Unions entrusted a third-party agency to conduct a comprehensive evaluation of the county-level workers' cultural palace that normally conducts activities. The three-level evaluations of excellent, good, and qualified will be rewarded according to 300,000, 200,000 and 100,000 yuan each year. The Workers' Palace of Culture, which was assessed as "Unqualified", was criticized and ordered to make corrections.

"The rectification and construction of the Workers' Palace of Culture in Lixia District is an important sign of functional change." Zhang Qiuli, secretary of the party group and executive vice chairman of the Federation of Trade Unions of Lixia District, Jinan City, told reporters. There are two places in Lixia Workers' Cultural Palace, with a total area of more than 8,000 square meters, which are currently under construction. According to the plan, the Cultural Palace has been adjusted. In terms of employee services, staff service halls and legal consultations have been set up. In terms of sports activities, there are table tennis halls, badminton halls, fitness halls, etc .; in employee education, skills training courses have been set up. There are more than 10 standard classrooms. After the construction is completed, employees can choose courses through our online work platform. "Lixia District Workers' Culture Palace has two addresses: No. 76 Xiaoliu Xingtou and No. 69 Changsheng North District. After the rectification is completed, the staff are welcome to come and enjoy various services for free."

It is understood that the Workers' Palace of Culture has continued to focus on improvement and improvement. Up to now, there have been 4 new workers' cultural palaces in the province (Heze Workers' Cultural Palace, Pingyin County Workers' Cultural Palace, Linyi County Workers' Cultural Palace, and Lanshan District Workers' Cultural Palace in Rizhao City), reaching 111.

As the Workers 'Cultural Palace to be cleaned up and rectified, the Workers' Cultural Palace in Zhanhua District, Binzhou City carried out unified planning and transformation of the integrated cultural stadiums in accordance with the "3 + X" functional requirements. Invested more than 2 million yuan to build a calligraphy and painting training room, photography training room, music choir room, dance yoga room, book reading corner, calligraphy and painting photography gallery, labor movement history exhibition hall, etc., and organically integrate with the badminton hall, table tennis hall, fitness hall, etc. One.

Dezhou, the eight "three-nothing" workers' cultural palaces, all rebuilt or restored in different places, and have the right to the trade unions, all for property rights certificates. Four have been started and one has been completed. It can add 30,722 square meters of land area and 33,166 square meters of real estate, with a value of 320 million yuan, all of which are government investment. The city's 10 workers' cultural palaces are all public welfare first or second class institutions.

In Heze City, all five "three-nothing" workers 'cultural palaces were all newly built or replaced, and the property rights were given to the unions. The main projects of the workers' cultural palaces in Heze and Tancheng County were basically completed and put into use before the end of the year. Can increase the land area of 15,556 square meters, real estate area of 23,423 square meters, valued at 288 million yuan, of which the government invested 164 million yuan. The city's 10 workers' cultural palaces have all been designated as public welfare first or second class institutions, of which 7 are newly upgraded.

Qingdao Workers Cultural Palace, aiming at the goal of building a national first-class cultural palace, always insists on providing excellent and strong public welfare services, and gradually builds "Monday Lectures" public welfare lectures, "common homeland" cultural performances, and "philanthropy three gifts" activities into Qingdao 100 Shining public welfare cultural brand in the eyes of 10,000 employees. The labor square covers an area of 15,000 square meters. After opening on May 1 this year, there will be square dance leisure activities every day, various forms of cultural performances will be arranged every week, and various convenience service activities will be carried out every month. Policy, and strive to create a propaganda position for the party and the union, and a platform for employee culture display.

Liu Guitang, Secretary of the Party Group and Executive Vice Chairman of the Provincial Federation of Trade Unions, stated that by the end of 2021, all workers' cultural palaces in the province will meet the "six conditions" conditions, that is, there are venues, personnel, funds, systems, projects, and performance. And can normally carry out activities such as employee education and training, employee cultural activities, employee sports and other activities, and provide voluntary service for employees in the new era of civilization and practice based on their functions.

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