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How does the "Sound in the Heart 2" tour members return to Meixi Lake feel?

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Chinanews client Changsha, December 3rd (Ren Siyu) In 2019, two seasons of "Sound Into the Heart" will fuse Bel Canto with popular music, bringing the beauty of the niche in the music field and the charm of musicals. In front of the public, a group of outstanding vocal singers such as Zheng Yunlong and A Yunga are also well known to the audience.

On the evening of December 2, Changsha Station, the national tour of "Sound into the Heart 2" concert, officially opened. In nearly 3 hours, Zhang Yingxi, Zheng Qiyuan, Xu Junsuo, He Liangchen, Guo Hongxu, Dong Pan, Fang Xiaodong, Zhao Yi and many others The members of "Guangming Island" reunited again, bringing a number of songs such as "Guangming Island" and "Heart of the Sea" to "show performance" to the audience.

The venue of this tour, Changmei Lake International Culture and Art Center, is also the recording location of "Sound into the Heart" program. Standing on the stage of Meixi Lake again, the members expressed their excitement and comfort. Zheng Qiyuan said that, just like "going home," it would not be strange to know how long this place would be before coming back.

Xu Junshuo, who went to graduate school after participating in the show, sang the song "Let her land" during the tour. This was also the first song he sang on the show. In an interview, he bluntly stood on the big stage after a few days and restarted. Performing this song, seeing the audience holding lanterns and reading the names of members, I felt "very happy and dreamy."

It is worth mentioning that members of the first season of "Sound Into the Heart" Cai Chengyu and Tong Zhuo also came to the show. In addition to helping the chorus and solo, the two also improvised the theme songs of the four famous works and "Dream of Dreams". The "brothers" also frequently interacted and joked during the performance.

That night, after the concert ended, many fans sang the theme song "Guangming Island" and did not leave for a long time. During the first two seasons of broadcasting, members who got out of "Sound Into the Heart" gained a lot of fans. Members of the first and second seasons often cooperated on the stage. At the opening ceremony of the Golden Rooster Award not long ago, Zhang Yingxi and Zheng Qiyuan contacted A Yunga and Wang Xi performed on the same stage.

Speaking of the cooperation between members of the first and second seasons, Zhang Yingxi joked that although he was a “brother” of Ayunga and Zheng Yunlong from the show, it was actually their “brother”: “We are all engaged in Vocal work is actually a small circle. We are good friends who have known each other for many years and are very kind as a family. "And participating in" Voice Into the Heart "seems to be another bridge to make the relationship closer. Already.

Zheng Qiyuan also revealed that he and Ayunga had known each other as early as 2007. The two had collaborated in a musical together. At that time, Ayunga had not yet attended college. Hug in the background and had dinner together.

The friendship that the players built from the show also continued. On the tour site, He Yilin, a member of "Guangming Island", appeared in surprise, and sang Elvis classic song "Cant Help Falling in Love" with He Liangchen to reproduce the "He Da "The cooperation with" He Er "drew cheers from the fans.

He Yilin said in the interview that the same stage performance with "He Er" is still tacit, and He Liangchen also said that the first contact he had with Changsha was "He Da", and the two often discussed vocal learning. They also revealed how to protect their throats on a daily basis, such as eating as light a diet as possible, paying more attention to rest, not smoking and drinking, and not using your throat so much.

2020 is about to come. When talking about the next plans, several singers have stated that they must continue to learn and improve their professional level. He Liangchen said that he will continue to focus on his studies and hope that he will be more active in the arena at home and abroad in the future. Zhao Yi also said that he would return to his country after his studies and hope to bring Italian opera to everyone in a new way.

There are also many singers who are studying on campus in "Sound Into the Heart" program. Dong Pan said that after attending the program, he returned to school and received more understanding and support from teachers and classmates. He will continue to write some good songs in the future. Guo Hongxu also said that after work, he is preparing to work hard for postgraduate entrance examination, continue to study, and make continuous progress. Fang Xiaodong, who is currently in his sophomore year, also joked that in addition to the tour, he is about to meet the final exams at the end of the year. He often shoots vlogs, and he also expressed the hope that the entire tour process can be recorded by vlog.

It is reported that the national tour of "Sound Into the Heart 2" concert will be launched in Changsha, Chongqing, Hangzhou, Hefei, Wuxi, Zhengzhou, Nanjing, Qingdao and Beijing. (Finish)

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