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"Wild Dart 2" What to do to increase the honor value Honor value promotion method summary

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Wilderness Dart 2 will have 25% cheaper items in stores with an honor value of 200 or more, and will unlock a lot of new suits when the honor value is 240 or more. Many friends will slowly increase the honor value. I do n’t know how to increase the honor value. Let's take a look with Xiaobian.

In addition to the neutrality of level 0, the honor value of this game is divided into 8 levels each. The detailed values and effects are as follows (the positive honor effect will be superimposed downwards).

Level 6: 240 points or more. New suits are added to the store: Boxer, Livestock, Gambler, Deauville, Fokton, Homeless, Luberry Creek, Veterinarian.

Level 3: 120 points or more. New suits added to the store: Matador, McLaughlin, Cavaliers, Coson, Cumberland, Cowboy Valentin, Rothko.

Level 0: Between 40 and -40 points. When searching for corpses, the items obtained are basically ordinary supplements, cheap jewelry, ordinary horse supplements, and tobacco and alcohol.

-1 level: Below -40 points. When searching for corpses, it is easier to get death eye supplements, throwing weapons and tobacco and alcohol, and it is easier to get money and jewelry from law enforcement.

As for the factors that affect the honor value, in addition to the selection of honor tasks (refer to the Raiders of the Bonfire Camp), it will also change due to many behaviors.

The above is the entire content of Raiders 2's Honor Raising Raiders. Wilderness 2's honor value is a bit like a good and evil system. Obeying the rules and doing good things will naturally increase, and vice versa. Did your friends learn?

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