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Glory of Kings: S17 single-line heroes will become popular in the top points and hurry up!

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Hello everyone, everyone, everyone knows that when it comes to King Glory game, today King Glory is about to launch a new version. The side road is divided into the main road and the tyrant road. The shooter was assigned to Tyrant Road. Finally, the order can finally say goodbye to the long period of stress, and usher in a one-on-one single-row era with its own capabilities.

The first is the hero of the old master, which is also very popular nowadays. Although the old master has gone through many revisions, he is still very strong at present, especially in the position of order. In the later stage, it is necessary to trap the shooter. It's stable, especially when the old master is a good hand when starting the group. Unfortunately, the hand is too short, and the first level can be easily empty!

Secondly, Cao Cao, the overlord who has been on the order for a long time, everyone knows that Cao Cao has always been the most powerful hero in the order position. He has displacement to slow down and suck blood. In the later period, it can be said that it is a nightmare for many shooters. It is Cao Cao. Advantage, so Cao Cao's order is very strong! And this season is already very strong!

The last one is the orange warrior that we all know as a warrior and assassin. He has always been a strong presence, especially when the second skill has a second stage and a big move to increase the maneuver to return to the monster. In the later period, the second shooter is not The problem, especially in the grass on the road, the overcast person, basically a set of shooters in the later period!

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