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Got it! These places in Guangdong are really hot springs

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The hot spring hotel is close to the famous Baishui Village Scenic Area, backed by green mountains, surrounded by green peaks and valleys, surrounded by clouds and lush forests, known as Guangzhou's "Taoyuan outside the city".

In the park, there are peaks and peaks of mountains, clouds and waves, thousands of canyons and valleys, and the stone stove Tianchi and the green water and green mountains stand side by side; the towering stone gate and the acacia ancient banquet follow each other. Billion City Springs Hotel

There is Banshan Hot Spring. The hotel stands in the Jiulian Mountains, looks at the Liuxi River in the south, Conghua Tianhu in the north, the resort group in the west, and the Conghua Jiekou New Tourism Development Zone in the east.

The scenery is comparable to that of Tonglu, Zhejiang. It has the primitive simplicity, lush and cool bamboo sea, spectacular waterfalls and rugged streams. Not far from Apo Liu Village is a famous stargazing site. Dongguan Tangxia Sanzheng Banshan Hot Spring

Dongguan Tangxia Sanzheng Banshan Hot Spring Hotel encompasses a 400,000 square meter Dazhongling Reservoir, leaning on a forest of hundreds of hectares, and integrates with the natural landscape.

Guanyinshan National Forest Park, Guangdong: The park is located in Zhangmutou Town, Dongguan City. It is a "sacred place in the south of heaven and a secret place of Baiyue." The forest coverage in the park is as high as 99%. Artwork.

According to tests, the water quality of Zhongshan Hot Spring Hotel has a manganese content of 2.37 mg / L, which is higher than the national standard of medical value concentration of 1 mg / L, which has a certain effect on the prevention of osteoporosis in the human body.

Luo Sanmei Mountain: Due to the elegant and secluded natural ecological environment, there are thousands of natural flora and fauna, which creates a natural "oxygen bar".

The resort focuses on saltwater mineral hot springs, a garden-like natural layout, winding paths, fruit trees, waterfalls, stone waterfalls, pavilions, and more than 50 hot spring pools that look like emeralds. Tools, let you gain visual enjoyment in leisure.

The 7.8 km Moon Bay Beach is curved in an arc. The cliffs and rocks on both sides of the beach stand like a paradise, like a white sandy beach with a full moon, very open. Yingdebaojing Palace Swan Lake

The hotel is backed by Baojing Palace, which is known as the largest cave tourist attraction in Asia. It faces 1,680 acres of swan lake with wide clouds and superb scenery of the Beijiang River. It lives on the river and lives on the mountain. You can enjoy the lake and mountains while enjoying the hot springs . Cold Spring with medical value is worth experiencing.

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