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How much is the Mercedes-Benz V260L luxury seven-seat year-end promotional price?

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Mercedes-Benz Vito modified new interior windmill show debut, the new Mercedes-Benz Vito seven-seat business seven-seat modification latest offer is absolutely out, the new Vito seven-seater modification latest ultra-high cost-effective luxury Mercedes-Benz luxury Titan Seven seat modification, how much is the new Vito 7 seat modification? New Vito seven-seat modified offer, the lowest price? Where can I change it? The noble temperament of Mercedes-Benz is inherent, and the Mercedes-Benz Vito with royal bloodlines is the new darling of high-end commercial garages in recent years! The 2019 Mercedes-Benz Vito seven-seater MPV commercial vehicle offer configuration will provide a warm office space for business people on the go.

Mercedes-Benz Vito, low-consumption, high-efficiency, powerful horsepower; equipped with electronic stability program ESP, equipped with SBS, ASR, BAS and EBV systems, active safety is comparable to top cars. The interior of the new car has a TEMPMATIC automatic constant temperature air conditioning system, with separate heating and cooling air outlet technology, which can be closed or opened intact. It can better control the compartment temperature by zone to meet the various needs of different passengers. The warmth and convenience of working and meeting in the car!

The simple and clear front face of the Vito and the smart headlight design reveal the leanness and wisdom. The Mercedes-Benz Vito interprets the commercial luxury of commercial vehicles to the fullest. The modification of the interior of the Vito is for multi-pattern business vehicle travel. The predecessor of the Vito large bevel, elegant black paint is the main tone.

Vito's modified high-top interior style is mainly dark and stable, with a touch of yellow light. The interior of Xingyao Black is completed in this way. The front seats are thickened and small tables are added. The second-row seats are replaced by business aviation seats, which are rich in functions and equipped with massage functions. They can also be rotated forward and backward. The rear seats provide a very rich selection of layouts, which are divided into 7 seats, 8 seats, and 9 seats. At the same time, the 7 seats are divided into two different positions for the second row seats. Consumers can fully choose the seat layout that is closer to the use according to the needs of the car. The flexible and flexible rear structure is full of competitiveness in the same class of cars.

The Mercedes-Benz Vito modified the last row into two independent aviation seats. They not only have a wide and comfortable seat surface and are filled with high-density sponge for a long time without deformation. A sense of setting! With ventilation, heating, pneumatic massage and other functions, as well as leg mop, it can be controlled by the switch on the side of the seat to ensure the ultimate comfort. Maybach 9-grid ceiling lights, equipped with roof sunroofs and ambient lighting, create a multi-scenario lighting system.

The cockpit design is simple, but the overall look and feel is more high-end and refined. The center console has been completely redesigned, all functional areas have been integrated into one area, and the layout has been simplified. The center console resembles Tesla's ModelS super-sized LCD screen, video, music and entertainment functions, touch control, and sensitive touch response. The VIP cabin design is the place for big brothers to enjoy. The entire cabin is wrapped in Alcantara suede and leather with delicate stitching, and the cabin-style golden atmosphere lights highlight the luxurious cabin atmosphere. Ingenious selection of materials, for the passengers to choose high-end maple decoration, texture and touch are truly excellent.

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