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2020 Mercedes-Benz V260L seven-seater modified for sale nationwide luxury interior upgrades

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The configuration is equipped with M274's 2.0T high-power version turbocharged engine (211 horsepower, 350Nm), which can output peak torque at 1200rpm, which can minimize turbo lag, and the overall fuel consumption is only 8.5L / 100km. Such outstanding performance is rare in similar MPVs! Its 7G-TRONIC PLUS gearbox is also classic enough. The redesigned oil passage and gear ratio design meet the daily needs of the new V RV. Stability and smoothness are the biggest features.

The cockpit of the Mercedes-Benz V260 business car is as handsome as his appearance. The three-spoke Nappa leather multifunctional steering wheel with integrated shift paddles conforms to artificial mechanics, Bluetooth phones, cruise control, inductive wipers, etc., which perfectly considers driving. Driving experience, 3D navigation with Chinese language, 8.4-inch high-resolution floating display with 6-disc DVD function, equipped with cab management system, support for hand-written multifunctional COMAND control system, these eye-catching cockpit designs are simply orderly Dazzling!

The new Mercedes-Benz V260 steadily occupies the top spot in the luxury business vehicle market. Luxurious security, entertainment configuration, spacious space performance, and high premium brand advantages have allowed Mercedes-Benz to carry this top-notch work to earn enough topical heat and market share. The following high-top with a luxury version of V260, walk into it, and glimpse the secrets of German cars. The following picture can appreciate the overall appearance and interior of the Mercedes-Benz V260.

Fujian Mercedes-Benz V260 is different from the general model in that it is equipped with double-sided electric doors. Commercial vehicles generally give people the feeling that there is plenty of space in the car, but it is really "strictly in and strict out." How to say it, the reason is that the average commercial vehicle access road is too narrow, and you don't need to worry about this problem in this model. It can be remotely controlled by a smart key. Passengers in the car can also be controlled by electric buttons on the B-pillar. The sliding door can be fixed at any position on the track.

In terms of appearance, the 2019 Fujian Mercedes-Benz V260 incorporates many new-generation Mercedes-Benz design features in the front part, including a double-grid water tank shield design with a large Samsung factory logo, new LED headlights, and daylight. The flying wing-type modeling light set of the type lamp and the headlight and water tank cover line car are also added with a sheet line design on the car side and the rear part, and the tail light with LED light source is added to make the appearance more Features current design trends. Fujian Mercedes-Benz V260's unique panoramic sliding sunroof in the luxury multifunctional vehicle segment market creates a spacious and bright interior atmosphere. The panoramic sliding sunroof has multiple open positions, and drivers and passengers can ventilate according to the needs of the car. In addition, the panoramic sunroof is equipped with two electric sunshades of the same color as the interior, which can protect passengers from strong sunlight; anti-pinch protection sensors, and the linkage of the preventive safety system (PRE-SAFE), giving the rear cabin passengers a full range protection of.

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