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Wenzhou Benz seven-seater business car with high roof and double sunroof luxury seats

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One of the biggest advantages of this national six or seven-seat Mercedes-Benz business car is space, whether it is the middle row or the back row. It will not feel crowded when it sits seven people. Its overall size is nearly 5 The meter 4 is more than 2 meters high, and the space is large inside the seven-seater commercial vehicle, so the restraint of riding will be greatly reduced, and the boss should like it very much.

In addition to the Mercedes-Benz V-Class, the seven-seat Mercedes-Benz commercial vehicle such as National Six is a Vito. No matter which type, it is still preferred for high-end business travel. If it is used at home to buy food, it is quite luxurious. Generally used, for example Picking up a business partner at the airport, or driving long distances at high speeds, and getting in and out of some of the more advanced meeting places, still have a long face.

Speaking of six or seven-seat Mercedes-Benz commercial vehicles in this country, many people are worried about its power problem. The 2.0T power is really not enough. Think about a car with such a large tonnage. It would be better to have a 3.0T. I feel a lot of improvement immediately, but the real driving experience of 2.0T is completely sufficient. It is no problem to run at the highest speed of 185Km / h; it is not necessary to take a commercial car for drag racing. In Pingshun, the drive is steady and the riding feeling of the rear boss is better.

The cockpit of this national six or seven-seat Mercedes-Benz business car is wrapped in perforated leather, and the layout is very simple and atmospheric. There are not many physical buttons. Compared with the cockpit style of Volkswagen, it is still very fashionable, especially elegant. The color matching will be more pleasing to the boss. Although such high-end commercial vehicles usually have drivers, but if the driver is not there, the boss himself will be willing to drive out and play with friends. The equipped constant temperature car refrigerator is quite practical.

The seats of this national or seven-seat Mercedes-Benz business car have been replaced with aviation seats. The comfort has been improved a lot, and it also supports heating and massage functions. Running on high speeds and long distances can still relieve the fatigue of long-term riding. For the functional configuration, this car is also equipped with a ceiling TV to the extent that it does not affect the sense of space. The socket including the position of the driver's armrest box is also arranged. Of course, there will be corresponding USB charging in the seat electric adjustment button. interface.

More surprisingly, this national or seven-seater Mercedes-Benz business car has a panoramic sunroof design and also features an electric sunshade function. Its layout is very large, and the starlight lights on both sides are flashing, which is very durable.

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