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2019 Luliang New District Construction Management Center Recruitment Announcement

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, Qualification preliminary examination time: 9:00 on December 9, 2019-24:00 on December 14, 2019. For more institutions, please see the recruitment website of Shanxi institutions.

In order to further strengthen the construction of the staff team of the construction management center of Luliang New District, according to the "Public Personnel Management Regulations" and our province's "Opinions on Further Improving and Strengthening Public Recruitment of Public Institutions" (Jinrenshe Agency issued [2017] No. 35 ), `` Notice on Doing a Good Job in the Public Recruitment of Public Institutions in the Province in 2019 '' (Jin Renshe Department issued (2019) No. 26), `` Implementation Measures for Public Recruitment of Public Institutions in Luliang City '' (Lu Renshe Word ( 2018] No. 90) and other policy regulations and requirements, after research, open recruitment of staff to the community.

Luliang City New Area Construction Management Center will openly recruit 5 staff members in 2019, including one special post for serving grass-roots project personnel. The specific conditions required for recruitment positions are based on the "Luliang City New Area Construction Management Center's 2019 Open Recruitment Staff Position Table" ( (Hereinafter referred to as the "Position Table").

6. Previous full-time postgraduates should be under 35 years of age (born on or after December 1, 1983), and previous full-time PhD students should be relaxed to under 40 (born on or after December 1, 1978);

Participated in Shanxi Province's “Special Job Plan for School Teachers at the Compulsory Education Stage in Rural Areas”, “Three Supports and One Support” plan, “University Volunteer Service Western Plan” (including the Northwestern Shanxi Plan), and “Special Position for Agricultural Technology Extension Service” plans to 2019 Those who have completed their annual service period and passed the assessment; those who have participated in Shanxi Province's “Joining College Student Village Officials” until the service period expires in 2019 (including two years of service until 2019), and those who pass the assessment and are still on the job can apply for “service Special posts for grass-roots project staff. "

Retired full-time university student soldiers, serving village (community) party organization secretary, and village (neighborhood) committee director who have served for three years and passed the assessment can be treated as grassroots service personnel, and apply for "service grassroots project personnel" Special posts. "

1. Active servicemen and current non-graduates (among them, those who are not full-time graduates or graduates who will graduate in 2019 may not apply for the college or bachelor degree or degree certificate originally obtained);

2. Those who have been criminally punished for crimes and have been expelled from the party and public office of the Communist Party of China; those who have not been dismissed from the party discipline or political discipline during the examination of the case, cannot apply for the examination;

3. Civil servants at all levels and those recruited by public institutions who are found to have committed serious violations such as fraud and recruitment disciplinary acts, etc., cannot apply for the examination;

4. Public servants during the probation period (refer to the Civil Service Law to manage staff in public institutions) and staff in public institutions during the probation period cannot apply for examinations;

Candidates who have become public servants during the probation period (refer to the staff of the civil servant management unit) or have been hired as staff members of public institutions after registration, before employment, shall not be employed.

The deadlines for the dismissal of recruitment conditions or post requirements, active duty, trial (employment) period, service period, household registration, and various types of employment (vocational, practising) qualification certificates, etc., unless the position has clear requirements, are the date of announcement .

Recruitment is carried out in accordance with procedures such as announcements, registration and preliminary qualification examinations, written examinations, qualification reviews, interviews, physical examinations, inspections, publicity, and employment.

On December 1, 2019, the Leading Group for the Public Recruitment of the Luliang New District Construction Management Center issued a public recruitment announcement through the Luliang Personnel Network.

Candidates must log in to the registration website at the required time, fill in the registration information, and upload their own red-bottomed frontless electronic photos within one year as required. (Applicants should prepare in advance a red-bottomed bareheaded electronic photo within one year in advance, within 30kb, in JPG format.)

Candidates can only choose one position for registration, and their valid resident ID must be consistent with the registration. When registering, the registration information submitted should be true, accurate and complete. (The major filled in by the applicant's "Registration Registration Form" should be the same as the major stated on the applicant's obtaining a college graduation certificate. The majors of foreign graduate students should be openly recruited by the Luliang New District Construction Management Center Leading Group to meet job requirements Make a determination.)

If false registration information is provided, once it is verified, the application qualification will be cancelled. Whoever forges or alters relevant certificates, materials, and information to deceive the examination qualifications will be dealt with seriously in accordance with the "Provisions on Handling Violations of Disciplines and Regulations of Public Institutions". Anyone who fails to pass the qualification examination due to incorrect or incomplete information is responsible for the consequences.

Candidates can log on to the original registration website to check the results of the preliminary qualification examination. Those who have passed the preliminary qualification examination can no longer modify the registration information or apply for other positions; if they have not passed the preliminary qualification examination or have not yet completed the preliminary qualification examination, they can modify the registration information or report to other positions before the registration deadline. Report to other positions.

Applicants who have passed the preliminary qualification examination shall complete the online payment within the prescribed time according to the payment method suggested online, and the payment standard is 50 yuan per person. Failure to pay the bill on time will be considered as an abandonment of registration automatically. Applicants who have completed online payment, please download and color print the "Registration Form for Public Recruitment of Luliang New District Construction Management Center in 2019" (in triplicate) and "Luliang New District Construction Management Center's 2019 Open Recruitment Service for Basic-level Project Staff Audit Form (in triplicate) for use in qualification review.

In principle, the ratio of the actual number of applicants to the number of job applicants should be higher than 3: 1 to start the test. Recruitment posts that do not reach this ratio will be reduced proportionately. If it is reduced to one and still cannot reach 3: 1, it will be cancelled in principle. Where posts are reduced, cancelled or adjusted, after approval, a notice will be posted on the website that originally posted the recruitment announcement, and it will also be responsible for informing the applicants of the cancelled posts.

Candidates whose positions have been cancelled can log on to the registration website at 10: 001 on December 16th and 2:00 on December 17th to make a report. The time for the preliminary examination of post qualifications for renewal shall be 10:00 on December 16th and 18:00 on December 17th. The results of the preliminary qualification examination may be queried before 18:00 on December 18th. Candidates who fail to report to other positions within the prescribed time period are deemed to have waived the report automatically, and those who fail to report or report to other positions have not passed the preliminary qualification examination. The examination fee will be refunded in full through the original payment channel.

If the number of applicants for special posts in service-level project personnel does not reach the ratio of 3: 1 in the number of recruiting posts, the recruitment quota for this post will be transferred to a general post with the same subject and the same conditions. After approval, a notice will be posted on the original website that issued the recruitment announcement, and responsible for Inform applicants of cancelled positions. The general posts transferred to the special posts of service grass-roots project personnel will be open to the public for re-registration, and the re-registration for online re-report and preliminary qualification review.

For general posts transferred to special posts for service-level project staff, the actual number of applicants and the number of job applicants should be higher than 3: 1 to start the examination. Recruitment posts that do not reach this ratio will be reduced proportionately. If the number of recruited posts is reduced to one, it will still be cancelled if it fails to reach 3: 1. Candidates whose positions have been cancelled after the re-registration will no longer report.

College students from rural poor families who have set up a file, and urban subsistence allowances and rural subsistence allowances can enjoy the policy of reducing and exempting examination fees. Applicants who apply for a reduction or exemption of examination fees must first pay the fee online and then submit the reduction and exemption procedures on site. After the application for reduction or exemption is approved, the examination fee will be refunded according to the original payment channel. The specific submission and exemption procedure time: December 19, 2019 8: 0018: 00, location: Luliang City Personnel Examination Center.

After the registration is completed, the applicants log in to the registration website on December 24, 8:00 and December 28 to download and print the written test admission ticket. If you have any problems during the downloading and printing process, please contact the Luliang Personnel and Examination Center to resolve it.

Applicants should carefully read the relevant content and precautions of the admission ticket, prepare for the exam in advance, and properly keep their admission ticket for the written test and other links in this recruitment.

The examination is a combination of written examination and interview. Scores are taken on a 100-point scale. Comprehensive scores = written test scores 60% + interview scores 40%. The written test and interview results shall be kept to two decimal places, and the comprehensive results shall be kept to three decimal places (the mantissa is rounded off).

Written test content: The written test subjects are public basic knowledge, the test time is 120 minutes, and the full mark is 100 points. The written test results are kept to two decimal places. Minimum passing score for written examination).

When taking the exam, candidates must carry both the admission ticket and their valid resident identity card, which is the same as the registration. If your ID card expires or is lost, please go to the public security organ to apply for a temporary ID card in time.

Before the qualification review begins, if the person who has obtained the interview qualification review confirms that he will not participate in the qualification review, the candidates who have scored 60 or more in the written test will be determined from the high score to the low score based on the written test score, and will be determined according to the ratio of 3 times the planned recruitment Candidates for the review of interview eligibility are determined according to the actual number if the number does not reach 3: 1. The list of qualified review personnel, time and place will be announced on the Luliang Personnel Network. After the qualification review begins, candidates will be selected for interviews based on the actual number of people who have passed the qualification review. After that, various links (including qualification review, interview, physical examination, inspection, publicity, employment, etc.) will be vacant due to various reasons, and will not be resubmitted.

During the qualification review, applicants should provide originals and copies of relevant certificates such as graduation certificate, degree certificate, ID card, etc., "Registration Form" (color print in triplicate, and signed in part of my commitment), "Luliang New District Construction Management Center's 2019 Public Recruitment Service Basic Project Staff Review Form (in triplicate), and other materials required by the recruitment unit.

Employed persons (including fresh graduates of orientation and training) must issue a certificate of approval for the application. Among them, the staff of government agencies must submit a certificate of approval for the application issued by their unit, competent department, organization, and human and social department. They must indicate whether they are officially in preparation. Personnel, when and how to participate in the work, the number of years of work as of the date of the recruitment announcement.

Candidates applying for the “Special Position for Service of Basic-level Project Staff” must log in to the Luliang Personnel Network to download and print the “Luliang City New District Construction Management Center 2019 Public Recruitment Service Basic-level Project Staff Review Form” (see Attachment 3, the content filled in by the individual must be printed) In the column of the opinion of the service place, the service unit and its superior department should be stamped separately; in the column of the opinion of the dispatched unit, the review opinions such as whether the service period has expired, whether it is in service, or assessment results, etc. should be added. The village officials of college students are reviewed and sealed by the organization departments at the city and county levels; the staff of the "Special Teachers Program" project are sealed by the Provincial Department of Education; the staff of the "Western Plan" project are sealed by the provincial and provincial committees; and the "three branches and one support" project Those who have obtained the "three branches and one assistance" service certificate for college graduates after the expiration of the service period apply for the certificate. Those without a certificate shall be stamped by the provincial or provincial committee or the Provincial Human Resources and Social Security Bureau. The service and county human and social bureaus and municipal agricultural and rural bureaus have checked and sealed.

Retired full-time university student soldiers apply for special posts in grass-roots projects, and must provide their ID, Hukou book, veteran certificate, academic certificate, original degree certificate and photocopy, and the original and photocopy of relevant certificates issued by the local county-level veterans affairs bureau Pieces.

The village (community) party organization secretary and the village (neighborhood) director apply for special posts for grass-roots projects, and must provide the original and photocopy of the appointment, assessment certificate issued by the local county Party Committee Organization Department.

If the credentials (certifications) are incomplete or the credentials (certifications) provided are inconsistent with the qualification requirements of the reported position and the main information is not true, which affects the qualification review, the qualification of the applicant to participate in the interview is cancelled. Candidates who fail to participate in the qualification review at the prescribed time and place shall be deemed to have waived their qualifications for interviews.

The interview was conducted by a third-party organization commissioned by the Leading Group of Public Recruitment of Luliang New District Construction Management Center. The list of interviewees, the time, place, and form of the interview were announced on the Luliang Personnel Network.

Interview scores must be the lowest qualifying score. Interview scores are kept to two decimal places. Otherwise, they cannot enter the physical examination, inspection and other links. Interview results and comprehensive results were announced on the day.

Among candidates with a score of 70 or above, the candidates for physical examination and inspection will be determined according to the 1: 1 ratio of the number of candidates to be recruited according to the overall score from high to low.

2. Medical examination standards and projects shall be implemented with reference to the "General Standards for Medical Examinations for Civil Servants (Trial)". Medical examinations are arranged in general hospitals at or above the county level with medical examination qualifications. If the medical examination result is unqualified and needs to be re-examined, it shall be arranged to be re-examined at another hospital of the same level or the previous level with the medical examination qualification. Those who cannot complete all medical examination items due to pregnancy shall be implemented in accordance with relevant national policies. Those who fail to attend the medical examination on time are deemed to have waived their qualifications.

3. Investigation content: It mainly investigates the candidates' political ideology, moral quality, compliance with laws and regulations, self-discipline awareness, ability and quality, work attitude, learning and work performance, and situations that need to be avoided. Participants who do not participate in the inspection as required shall be deemed to have waived their qualifications.

Based on the written test, interview, physical examination, and inspection results, the personnel to be hired are determined, and the list of personnel to be hired is posted on Luliang Personnel Online for 7 working days.

If there is no objection at the expiry of the public notice period, the office of the Leading Group for Public Recruitment of Luliang City New District Construction Management Center is responsible for submitting the candidate to the Municipal Human Resources and Social Security Bureau for approval; if there is no reflection or there are no reflections on the employment, it will go through the employment procedures in accordance with regulations; If the problems that affect the employment are reflected and verified, the employment will not be allowed; if the problems reflected are difficult to verify for a while, the decision on whether to engage will be made after the investigation is completed.

The legal person representative of the institution signs the employment contract with the hired person and handles the employment procedures for the hired person. Employers shall implement a probation period system. The probation period is one year. If the probation period is unqualified, the employment relationship shall be terminated.

Candidates should apply in good faith. Those who have waived entry to the physical examination, inspection, and subsequent links, who have no valid reason after receiving the employment notice, and fail to report the relevant materials within the prescribed time, shall be disqualified and recorded in the integrity file.

This open recruitment examination does not specify examination guidance books, nor does it hold or entrust any institution or individual to conduct examination training tutorials. The recruitment training courses and publications held by various institutions in the society are not related to the organization of the examination. Candidates are reminded to be alert and not to be deceived.

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