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Distressed! Nearly 4,000 elderly people suspected of illegally absorbing public deposits in elderly apartments

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Luxurious accommodation building, first-class service level, the government's key projects ... Aixinxin Senior Apartment, which officially opened in 2016, is located in Xinglong Village, Datuopu Street, Tianxin District, Changsha City, adjacent to Xiangjiang River. It claims to be "the only Fengshui treasure house for the elderly with river view houses" in Changsha. Local seniors once praised the Love Heart Senior Apartments.

However, such an elderly care institution with excellent hardware, good software, and praise was exposed to illegally absorbing deposits, and nearly 4,000 elderly people lost more than 500 million. At present, the Changsha City Government is also carrying out an "mining" operation of illegal fund-raising of pension institutions with unprecedented strength.

Ms. Lu: "Let's talk together, draw small cards, have a common language. You are alone in your house, and now every house is a building, and the door is very lonely. The old people are together, we have an appointment Yes, all of them inspected, which apartment is the best and most formal location. We all live in it together with the elderly. There is a companion. This is what the elderly longed for. "

Last April, Ms. Lu received a sales advertisement for Changsha Aixinxin Senior Apartment on the street, leaving her contact information. Afterwards, I received the attentive on-site service of the staff, and took the old people to the project for field inspections many times. Hearing was just a false eye, and many old people were very excited when they saw it.

Ms. Lu: "There is a building, an elderly apartment has been built, and there are hundreds of people living in it. The high-quality ones are all retired teachers in Changsha, civil servants retired, some have smart phones, and have songs and music. There are also pavilions built there, all are first-class, there are gatekeepers at the door, wearing uniforms, we (the one) will consider it, there is no doubt about this. "

The old people were instantly conquered by this seemingly high-quality project along the Xiang River. The senior apartment claims that the deposit for booking a bed can not only obtain rental rights, discount on accommodation fees, but also enjoy a 9% annual interest rate return, far exceeding the bank's time deposit interest rate over the same period. Ms. Lu made a decision on the spot.

Ms. Lu: "Rental rent, this is the first benefit. The second benefit is that if you want to live in it at any time, you can discount it. If you pay more, you will have a higher discount. If you pay less, you will receive a discount. Just hit a little bit. The third benefit is that if you did n’t go in, because you booked this bed and you did n’t go live with someone else, then you can enjoy this subsidy fee, which has 9 points. "

Ms. Lu: "I think it is too high, but it is not very high. You listen to me, we have some investment companies here, it is 20%. We think it is not reliable, not supported by the government, we dare not put."

Ms. Zhang, like Ms. Lu, did not want to cause trouble for her children, and has been searching for an elderly care institution. She also liked the high-quality quality of Changsha Aizhixin Senior Apartment. The TV station reported that frequent offline recommendation activities made her believe in Aizhixin Apartment.

Ms. Zhang: "Your government is engaged in these elderly activities on the Ninth Ninth Festival, and a lot of old apartments (promotional materials) are set up for everyone to see and sell these things. I do n’t really understand them so far. How do we know these conditions, and why have we these supervision and supervision departments gone? "

The reporter learned that the model of Love Heart's alleged illegal absorption of public deposits is through the sale of membership cards that can be used to buy beds at a discount, soliciting money from tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands of old people. The higher the pre-stored level, the discount The higher, and the money can also enjoy far more than the regular interest of the bank. After the one-year contract expires, the elderly can get back the principal and interest, or convert the interest into accommodation, and live in the heart of love. The so-called pension project It seems to have gone astray. In March of this year, the bed deposit paid by Ms. Lu had expired. She wanted to get it back, but found that the company had no money.

Ms. Lu: "Isn't there a promise in the contract, I will get the subsidy when it expires, or I will get my principal when it expires. But I found out in March that his company had no money to pay, and every time I asked him for It's always the next month this month, and until October, we don't believe it at all, we have carried out a thunderstorm, and it has been reported that this is how we discovered this problem. "

Victim: "Although 50,000 yuan is not a lot, it is not a small amount for our retired elderly people, and we have no additional income and capital."

After the Changsha Love Heart Senior Apartment case was launched, the Tianxin District of Changsha characterized the case as illegally absorbing public deposits in the name of old age. Currently, 35 persons involved in the case have been detained, 4 persons have been released on bail, and 1 person is under surveillance. According to the briefing by the Political and Legal Committee of Tianxin District, as of November 26, the amount of love involved in the case reached 505 million yuan, and the number of victims involved reached 3972. In fact, such projects as "heart of love", which are illegally funded under the banner of "high-end returns" under the coat of "care for the elderly", are not unique in Hunan.

Since 2018, Hunan has detected 45 such cases according to law, involving more than 3.5 billion yuan of funds, and cracked down on 66 suspects. The situation is still grim. According to incomplete statistics, there are 327 non-public companies involved in the elderly care sector in Hunan Province. According to the big data research of public security organs, 37 companies are suspected of raising funds illegally, and the risk of crime is extremely high. "Old age" turned into "pit old", seriously harming the legal rights and interests of the elderly and affecting social stability.

With the acceleration of the aging society in China, the aged care service industry has ushered in a rapid development stage. But many criminals took the opportunity to enter, under the banner of old-age care services, and using high interest returns as bait, many elderly people fell into the trap of illegal fundraising and suffered heavy losses! So what are the main forms of suspected illegal fundraising? How should the general public, especially the elderly, prevent traps and avoid property damage?

1. Absorb funds in the name of providing "old-age services". In the name of providing old-age services such as accommodation and dining, sightseeing, medical care, care and escort, and using high-value returns or enjoying consumption discounts as the bait, we have adopted methods such as "Vip Card", "Member Card", and "Prepaid Card" to provide elderly Illegal absorption of funds. Some pension institutions do not have a pension base or a pension entity, while some pension funds receive customer funds that obviously exceed the normal pension payment required for one year's pension, and the number of members absorbed far exceeds the number of existing beds in the pension institution. The absorbed funds also far exceed the consumption costs of the elderly services it can provide in one year.

2. Absorb funds in the name of investing in "age-care projects". In the name of projects such as investment, franchising, and shareholding in health and pension bases, senior apartments, etc., they promised high returns to illegally absorb public funds.

3. Absorb funds in the name of selling "pension apartments". Sale of fictional pension apartments, pensions, etc., or sales of retirement apartments, pensions, contracted repurchase, etc .; or discounts after staying at senior apartments, or higher interest rates if not staying Dividends illegally attract public funds.

4. Absorb funds in the name of "senior products" and "healthcare products". Leasing venues in office buildings or residential areas as a base for holding lectures and events, exaggerating or falsely promoting the health functions of products, or sending gifts such as rice noodles, eating meals, traveling, etc. to induce deceit in the elderly, take product repurchases, Custody sales, consumer rebates and other methods to absorb public funds.

5. Other ways. For example, by registering an old-age health care company in Party A and holding lectures in Party B to conduct illegal fund-raising; or to change pillars, change the fund-raising contract (agreement) originally signed with the elderly to a loan contract, and conduct illegal fund-raising in the form of private loans.

In order to effectively prevent the risk of illegal fund-raising in the pension field and avoid property damage, we remind older friends and relatives to pay careful attention to the following aspects:

First, according to relevant laws and regulations, old-age care institutions that have not been legally registered by the civil affairs department to establish permits, filing, and market supervision departments should not move in, invest, or pay any funds to them.

Secondly, living in an elderly care institution should sign a legal and compliant elderly care service agreement in accordance with the regulations. The paid elderly care service fees should be paid to the basic account opened by the elderly institution in the bank, and no funds should be paid to the personal account.

Third, we must rationally choose legal and compliant investment and financial management channels, and not be tempted by high returns. Be cautious about any retired pension investment that is higher than bank interest, and do not prepay high pension service fees. Reject the lure of usury and stay away from illegal fundraising.

Finally, the elderly must consult with their children, consult with civil affairs, market supervision, financial and other relevant departments before investing in pensions. Do not trust others and keep their pension money.

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