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Gathering wisdom and communication to promote growth!

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In order to thoroughly implement the spirit of the "Guidelines for the Learning and Development of Children 3-6 Years", further promote the learning and communication between teachers, give full play to the collective wisdom of teachers, realize resource sharing, improve the teaching level of teachers, promote the rapid growth of teachers, and continuously Improve through learning, discussion, practice, and reflection. On the morning of November 27th, members of the Hejia Group gathered in the Cuijiaji Center Kindergarten to hold a theme five group lesson preparation activity.

The park business directors first observed the regional activities of each class. Children choose independently in regional activities, cooperate with each other, and fully experience the joy of autonomous learning in a relaxed and happy environment. Reasonable game space, rich regional materials, and creative role-playing areas, while giving children a simulated life experience, they also left a deep impression on the observation teachers. They stopped from time to time, or squatted down to be kind to the children. Communicate, or take out your mobile phone or notebook for observation and recording.

In the process of observation, Teacher Wan and Teacher Zhu gave professional explanations on the placement of materials in the regional activities and the effective observation and guidance of the teachers, which greatly inspired the teachers on the scene.

Regional games are an important form of autonomous activity for young children. It is an autonomous learning activity for the purpose of happiness and satisfaction, and manipulation and manipulation. It is a unique way for children to actively seek to solve problems. I want games, not me.

After the observing activity, the teachers gathered in the conference room to conduct discussions on the situation of the regional activities. They shared the problems observed on the spot and the daily organization of regional activities with good ideas. Everyone was enthusiastic in the enthusiastic thought collision. Speaking, brainstorming, discussing, drawing on each other's strengths, and benefiting a lot.

Effective collective lesson preparation can allow teachers' wisdom to collide and learn from each other's strengths. Next, everyone carried out the theme five episodes preparation activity. The activity directors of the parks first raised the problems and doubts in the usual preparations, and then everyone discussed the issues, combined with the actual conditions of the parks, and reached a consensus. Solve the problem together.

In response to the questions raised by everyone, Teacher Wan and Teacher Zhu answered them one by one. Everyone learns from others, inspires each other in the process of communication, and the spark of wisdom collides in thought.

The development of collective lesson preparation has strengthened the communication and cooperation between members of the cooperative body, realized the organic combination of collective lesson preparation and teaching and scientific research activities, gathered team wisdom, improved the efficiency and quality of collective lesson preparation, and promoted the development of education and teaching in each garden And progress, so as to achieve the purpose of common improvement.

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