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Dong Lu: Exxon's salary is 10 times that of the national football team. Is the national football team still cohesive?

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In late November 2019, Dong Lu, the first commentator of the Chinese Super League and the youth godfather of Chinese football, attended the live broadcast. During this period, he admitted that the high salary of Exxon has more or less affected the morale of the National Football:

"Exxon is continually devoting himself now. He earns 10 million euros after-tax annual salary. The Chinese national team here can only earn 10 million yuan, a ten-fold difference in wages. After that, everyone fights in a trench, these people You do n’t have faith, you do n’t have enough culture, and you do n’t have enough communication. What kind of record do you say this team can play? You get five or six naturalized players, next year you will have four or five local players, you How do you play the remaining four or five local players? It ’s impossible to talk! Even if the Chinese players are even worse, if they are not naturalized, they will have to lose to Syria? Will they not win the Philippines? How can I not believe so!

In Xiaobian's opinion, Dong Lu's concerns are absolutely justified. If naturalization goes well, besides Exxon and Li Ke next year, Alan, Gorrat, Fernando, Aloisio, Browning will also be qualified to fight for the national football team. These 7 people are fully capable of locking the starting position of the national football team. Even if some of them change their position, their ability will be stronger than the original local players. In this way, in addition to the goalkeeper and three guards, other positions of the national football may be occupied by naturalized players. Even the Spanish striker Wu Lei, who just broke in La Liga, may have to accept a substitute position. This scene is obviously not a favorite of national football fans.

The five individuals, Alan, Exxon, Gorat, Fernando, and Aloisio, are all bloodless. They are not affected by the Football Association's salary limit order, so their wages will be 10 times that of other international players. Such a large gap between the rich and the poor is enough to cause the entire locker room to be in permanent danger. Winning is okay, once you lose, everyone's differences will become more and more serious. If the naturalized player is not able to perform significantly better than other local players with 10 times the annual salary, then I am afraid that someone will be passive.

At the end of the article, I hope that the Chinese Football Association can consider this issue carefully. It is best to adjust the scope of the salary limit order. Once a local player can play the main or semi-main force in the national football, then he will not be affected by the 12 million yuan pre-tax salary limit order, and he can follow the normal market. Value, take your own hard-earned money. In this way, everyone's enthusiasm for the national football will be greatly enhanced. At the same time, in the next four Forty games, the Football Association can consider a 5 million yuan winning prize for each game, specifically to reward those marginalized groups with lower income in the national football, soothing their hearts. Back to Sohu, see more

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