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Is the 2019 pharmacist exam passing line? Will it change?

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"Is there a qualifying line for the licensed pharmacist exam in 2019? Will there be any changes?" Many candidates who apply for licensed pharmacists are very concerned. The editor of Medical Education Network compiled the following for you:

In 2018, the subjects of the licensed pharmacist examination are still 72 points (the maximum score of each test paper is 120 points). 120 ¡Á 0.6 = 72 points! Therefore, Xiaobian believes that without adjusting the full score of 120 points, the chance of adjusting the score line nationwide will not be too high!

↓↓↓ The three regions, three states, and the 2019 score line date of the Human Resources and Social Security Ministry's Personnel Examination Center issued relevant notices, specifically from 2019 onwards. : 1. Starting from 2019, professional qualifications of nurses, practicing pharmacists, and social workers, professional and technical qualifications of senior accountants, senior auditors, senior statisticians, and first-class translation professional qualifications will be designated separately in the "three regions and three states" Set the test eligibility criteria.

2. The provincial human resources and social security departments of the provinces (regions) in which the "three districts and three states" are located are responsible for individually determining eligibility standards in conjunction with relevant industry departments, and will be implemented after filing according to procedures.

3. Those who pass the local qualification line but do not exceed the national qualification line will be issued with a valid local professional qualification certificate or test score certificate. The test results of the professional and technical qualifications of senior accountants, senior auditors, senior statisticians, and first-level translation professional qualifications are valid for 3 years.

Explanation: The "three districts" of the three districts and three states refer to Tibet, the four territories of southern Xinjiang, and the four provinces; the "three states" refer to Linxia Prefecture of Gansu, Liangshan Prefecture of Sichuan, and Nujiang Prefecture of Yunnan.

Summary of the notice: In the three districts and three states, separate eligibility criteria will be implemented, that is, candidates in the three districts and three states may reduce the score of the licensed pharmacist exam! At the same time, the editor believes that the probability of adjusting the score line of licensed pharmacists nationwide should not be too high. In the case that the full score is not adjusted for each subject, except for the three districts and three states, the probability of the score line in most parts of the country Bigger!

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