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The easiest way to sober up is 10 minutes. Haven't you tried it?

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Getting drunk is a common thing in life. Friends and family gatherings, business entertainment, unit annual meetings and other occasions will inevitably have to drink a few drinks, but to have a happy drink, enjoy the fun, push the cup and change the room accidentally ...

Getting drunk is a common thing in life. It is inevitable to drink a few glasses for gatherings of relatives and friends, business entertainment, annual meeting of the unit, etc., and to have fun and enjoy the drink, if you push the glass and change the cup, you will "drink". Drinking too much will not only make you feel uncomfortable, but also make sand sculptures such as nonsense, drunkenness, and other IQ offline, which will cause you or others a lot of trouble. So how can we avoid this situation? What is the simplest way to sober up so that people can quickly wake up, pull the self-relieving self back to reality, and say goodbye to the sand sculpture himself?

It really is, and it is still commonly used by emergency doctors, and has been recommended by the "Consensus for the Diagnosis and Treatment of Acute Alcoholism". Today we are saying that it is more convenient to carry a sublingual tablet type.

Because the drunken behavior of drunkenness is due to the effects of alcohol on different areas of the brain, causing the body to appear a variety of drunkenness symptoms. For example, walking upside down is because the cerebellar activity responsible for the motor center is inhibited; people become self-reliant because the brain areas responsible for self-management and social inhibition are inhibited, and so on.

The easiest way to wake up is to wake up the brain that is "controlled" by alcohol, so that you can quickly wake up. So how does naloxone hydrochloride sublingual tablet (Grace) wake up the brain?

As the only Chinese medicine quasi-brand hangover medicine on the market, naloxone hydrochloride sublingual tablet (Polite) is suitable for acute alcoholism, limited to gait instability, frequent speech, incoherence, euphoria, ataxia, slow perception, Drowsy, lethargic, but not accompanied by coma and altered vital signs of acute alcoholism.

From the description of the above indications, it can be seen that when a drunken person walks shaking, is emotional, has increased language or nonsense, and has inappropriate language, it means that he has drunk too much. Take naloxone hydrochloride sublingual tablets ( Manner) is the easiest way to sober up.

Clinical trials of Beijing 304 Hospital, Beijing Friendship Hospital, and Beijing Air Force General Hospital have proven that naloxone hydrochloride sublingual tablets are effective in treating acute alcoholism (early excitement and ataxia), and are significantly better than conventional treatment. It is similar to naloxone hydrochloride injection, but it is more convenient and safe for clinical use, and can replace the application of naloxone hydrochloride injection.

This is due to the rich capillary network under the tongue. Under the effects of saliva and temperature, the sublingual buccal can quickly absorb the drug directly into the blood, and quickly play the role of hangover without passing through the liver.

When you feel that you are drinking too much, for example, you feel fluttering, walking unstable, speech is vague, and feel dull, it is necessary to help yourself or someone else, taking a polite tablet under the tongue, that is, placing the medicine at the base of the tongue, Just press it with your tongue, and the active ingredients of the drug can be quickly released into the blood to play the role of hangover, 1-2 tablets each time. Those who can communicate with people in normal language can take one tablet first, and then take one tablet after 10 minutes. For those who can't communicate normally, let them take two tablets for the first time.

Usually, the easiest way to sober up is to take effect about 10 minutes after taking sublingual style tablets and quickly sober for half an hour. If you have a wine bureau that you have to go to, you can also try it!

In addition, it should be reminded that you should not take Fengdu tablets before drinking, and you should not drink alcohol after taking Fengdu tablets. The next drinking time is at least 4 hours later, otherwise you may not drink too much, but instead ingest more. Alcohol accelerates the process and degree of alcoholism. At the same time, the drug can only relieve the symptoms of drunkenness and cannot reduce the concentration of alcohol in the blood. Therefore, you cannot drive after drinking. If you are unconscious after drinking, you should go to the doctor immediately.

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