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Chaoyang District establishes first school food safety alliance & nbsp; to protect children's "safety on the tip of their tongues"

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Recently, 25 schools and kindergartens in Dougezhuang, Chaoyang District jointly signed the Convention on Food Safety Alliance of Dougezhuang District Schools and Kindergartens, which aims to further improve the quality of food and food safety guarantee in schools and kindergartens.

Representatives of the alliance signing units stated in their speeches that student diet safety is a prerequisite for doing a good job in education, and is also an important foundation for ensuring campus safety and social harmony and stability. Schools (kindergartens) will further strengthen the investigation of hidden food hazards, eliminate food safety risks, and strictly implement them. Implement food safety conventions to ensure that children eat healthy and safe at school, and live up to the trust of parents in the school.

Qi Linfeng, a member of the party committee and deputy director of the Market Supervision Bureau of Chaoyang District, said that the ultimate goal of establishing a food safety alliance for schools in Dougezhuang is to ensure that the future "flowers" of our motherland can be effectively protected from food safety. Only then can the nation as a family prosper and stabilize.

Zhang Junru, Director of Dougezhuang Regional Office, on behalf of the Regional Working Committee Office, expressed his full support for the establishment of Dougezhuang Regional School Food Safety Alliance. He stated that the establishment of Dougezhuang Regional School Food Safety Alliance marked the regional food safety. Entering a new stage, we must take the implementation of the main responsibility of food safety as the starting point, explore ideas for food safety supervision in schools and kindergartens, and innovate working methods. It is necessary to give play to government functions, increase assistance for food safety in schools and kindergartens, keep in mind the original mission, and move forward. Through the "three systems", namely, the principal's responsibility system, meal catering system, and administrator's record system, effectively improving the dining quality of school and kindergarten students and the ability to ensure food safety on campus, improving the school's ability to detect and deal with food safety issues in advance, and implement unsettled Do it first to promote the optimization and improvement of the overall business environment in the jurisdiction.

The signing of the school and kindergarten food safety alliance convention is a new practice of food safety in Chaoyang District and campus food safety. In the future, the Chaoyang District Market Supervision Bureau will continue to expand the radiation scope of the Convention in accordance with the actual work and promote the improvement of schools and kindergartens in the jurisdiction. The industry is self-disciplined and fully protects children's "safety on the tip of their tongues." (Photo courtesy of Dougezhuang Township, Chaoyang District)

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