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93% of people have encountered information disclosure. Three points of the highest law suggest anti-fraud!

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In life, many people have said that they have received various spam messages and some scams or sales calls. From which channels did our information leak? What troubles have you encountered with information leakage?

The era of big data is approaching. At the same time that our lives are becoming more and more convenient, personal information has become an increasingly important data resource, and people are increasingly worried about whether personal information is leaked. Recently, there have been reports that Lakara (300773.SZ) 's koala credit investigation is suspected of violating the personal information of citizens, and Lakara's stock fell to the limit.

Yueyun Sheng, director of Beijing Yuecheng Law Firm, believes that as long as a smartphone is used in modern society, there are many apps on the phone, and these apps can collect personal information. Even if you do not use a smart phone, buy a house, buy a car, handle business, loan and many other channels, your information may be leaked. There are too many channels for collecting information. After your information is collected, someone needs your personal information to generate benefits. In fact, the protection of personal information is sound at the level of legal regulations, but it is indeed more difficult at the level of enforcement.

In the illegal act of stealing personal information, some netizens said that in addition to severely punishing criminals who sell personal information, they also need to punish those who buy information.

The leakage of personal information is closely related to online fraud cases. Many criminals master personal information and then use the Internet tools to scam citizens.

On November 19, the Supreme Law released "Characteristics and Trends of Cyber Crime in the Special Report on Judicial Big Data", showing that nearly 20 cases of cyber fraud are frauds obtained after obtaining personal information of citizens. Among them, WeChat surpassed QQ as the most frequently used criminal tool in online fraud crimes. In the 21st Century Business Herald survey of online fraud, readers also hated it.

However, in life, most people still receive the most scam information via phone or text message. 54.3% of readers said they had received fraudulent information via phone or text message.

In the report of the Supreme Law, defendants in online fraud cases also deceived victims by impersonating others. The proportion of recruitment-type cases has increased year by year. In the investigation initiated by 21st Century Business Herald, nearly half of them encountered questions about part-time employment. Or recruitment-type scams.

Paying the bills is probably the most common way. Some netizens warn not to get into the bills by mistake, and some people say that it is necessary to be cautious when it comes to money. Most of the part-time jobs that require payment are pits.

First, we must have a strong consciousness to protect personal privacy and personal information. Personal information such as ID cards should not be stored in mobile phones and should not be provided to strangers.

Second, do four "don't", don't send money to unfamiliar accounts; don't connect unfamiliar WiFi; don't disclose SMS verification code to others, because this is a precautionary measure, we should not easily leak; don't easily click on unknown links, It's easy to go wrong with a link.

Third, there must be no harmful heart, no anti-human heart, do not trust all kinds of online friends, the most important thing is not to be greedy for small and cheap, and to think about getting rich overnight, "there is a trap in the sky" Don't have such an idea, and promptly report a suspicious situation to cooperate with the public security organs to solve the case in a timely manner.

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