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The inexperienced amateur starring in the grounding movie "Chinese-style Romantic" won great praise from the audience!

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The ridiculous comedy movie "Sherlock on the Plains" is on national road show, and it will be released nationwide on November 29. Director Xu Lei appeared before and after the stage to discuss the film with the audience. He revealed that all the actors in the film are amateurs with no acting experience, and the actor is directly his father!

In the applause of audiences across the country, the film once again released a "roof goldfish" poster. Poetic composition and romantic style of painting made many netizens say: "This may be Chinese-style romance!"

In addition to novel story topics, the film also moved the background of the story to the rural areas in northern China, where few people pay attention. At the same time, it used the genre film techniques. Such novel novels with commercial nature were more likely to be hilarious to the audience.

"Poetic romance and reality" as the most prominent style feature of the film "Sherlock on the Plain", this feature is also penetrated to the extreme in the emotional poster released today. On the poster, the three-tailed goldfish is at ease. On the bottom of the rippling waters are Chaoying and Zhanyi, who are wearing raincoats and dippers. Two earthy detectives are standing back to back, looking at different distances, as if thinking. The goldfish that represents poetic romance and the earthy detective with earthy atmosphere. The two elements with such great contrast are placed in the same poster. The style of breaking the dimension wall has no sense of conflict, but has added a film to the film. Want to find out the color of suspense.

As a detective story, many viewers of "Sherlock on the Plains" also said: "A good-looking movie does not tell the audience all the answers, and it is the greatest charm of film art that allows the audience to think." "This movie is really a treasure. When I watch it, it is a laugh from my heart. After watching it, I think about it directly to the soul!" "After watching this movie recommended by my friend, I fell in love with it. The warmth is really funny." "It's not worth it, but Sherlock on the Plain is worth it!"

Talking about the elements of amateur actors and the nature of dialect movies, director Xu Lei said: "The real backstory happened in my hometown, and the filming was also in my hometown, so the choice of dialects and actors was logical. "At the scene, a careful teacher found that the names of amateur actors in the film are their real names. When asked about this, director Xu Lei said with a smile that this is a technique to guide amateur actors. Using this name can help them join Drama, I believe more in this situation.

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