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[Focus] A policy from the sky! A man in Jiyang is suspected of running a telecom business!

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Five days after the China Telecom Business Office handled the broadband business, Mr. Yan (a pseudonym), a citizen of Jinan District, Jinan, received an SMS from the e-insurance insurance policy, which made him feel "inexplicable." Mr. Yan asked and learned that on the day of handling the broadband business, he downloaded the wing payment APP under the telecommunications and bound a bank card, and generated this insurance policy for his personal wing payment account. Mr. Yan said he was unaware of it and his consent was not obtained before the policy was created. Mr. Yan believes that China Telecom is suspected of leaking its personal information to Easy Insurance.

On November 22, Mr. Yan (a pseudonym), a citizen of Jinan District, Jinan, told reporters about this incident that made him feel "inexplicable". It was on the 12th. Mr. Yan went to China Telecom to handle the broadband access service at the local Kaiyuan Building business hall. At that time, the staff of the business hall told him that there was a broadband package of 69 yuan per month. If you download the registered wing payment app on your mobile phone, you will receive a red envelope of 10 yuan per month within the wing payment for 24 months.

"My actual monthly consumption is 59 yuan, and I feel okay." Mr. Yan said that with the help and operation of the staff in the business hall, he handled the business, downloaded the wing payment APP, and carried his real name. Certified, and bound to a bank card of his own in the Orange financial section of the Wing Payment APP.

Subsequently, on the 17th, Mr. Yan felt "inexplicable" something happened, and he received a text message reminder from Easy Insurance to take effect. Mr. Yan said that he had never had a business relationship with Easy Insurance. He found and dialed the customer service number of Easy Insurance, and the other party told Mr. Yan, "We have cooperated with Wing Payment, which is the personal information obtained from Wing Payment. This insurance is a gift insurance and does not pay money."

According to Mr. Yan's understanding, at the time of the day when Wing Payment was bound to the bank card, Yi'an Insurance's personal account fund security insurance was generated, which was not authorized by him.

"In China Telecom's business, my personal information is limited to China Telecom's business. And, before the insurance policy is generated, should I call to confirm my insurance intention?" Mr. Yan said, before he received any notice In some cases, an insurance policy was generated without my consent, which is not in compliance with the law. "This insurance may be a good starting point, but it must be approved by me. According to this insurance policy, the policyholder is me."

Public information shows that Wing Payment is a business brand under China Telecom's operating payment and Internet finance business. According to the official website of Wing Payment APP, Tianyi E-commerce Co., Ltd. (referred to as: Sweet Orange Finance) is a wholly-owned subsidiary of China Telecom Co., Ltd., which has business segments such as Wing Payment, Orange Instalment, and Orange Insurance.

According to the official website of YiAn Insurance, YiAn Insurance is the full name of YiAn Property Insurance Co., Ltd. It is one of the four domestic professional Internet insurance companies approved by the China Insurance Regulatory Commission. It was approved to open on February 16, 2016, with a registered capital of 10 100 million yuan, registered in Shenzhen.

On the 22nd, Mr. Yan showed the reporter the e-insurance insurance policy that made him "inexplicable". The policy shows that the policy is a personal insurance fund security insurance policy, and the generation time is 20:46 on November 12, 2019. The policyholder and insured are Mr. Yan himself, and have his identity card number and mobile phone number. The subject of insurance is all bank card accounts that Mr. Yan binds in the wing payment. The insurance amount is 10,000 yuan, and the insurance period starts from 0:00 on November 13, 2019 for a total of 30 days.

The first paragraph of the policy reads, "Given that the insured has carefully read the insurance terms of Yi'an Property Insurance Co., Ltd., and knows that the insurance clauses relieve the insurer of liability, he is willing to insure the insurer with this insurance ..." Article 3 of the insurance declaration states that "I and the insured (I promise that I have obtained the full entrustment for the insured to process their personal information) agree to your company's collection for the purpose of providing this insurance or related services. Or use personal information of myself and the insured, whether that information is obtained from this application or other channels ... "

Mr. Yan said that according to his understanding, the insurance policy must be approved by the insurer before the insurance policy is generated. "I have downloaded the Wing Payment APP from the staff in the business hall. I did not inform you of the insurance and Wing Payment did not have any information about An insurance reminder, Easy Insurance did not give me any notice, this policy was generated without my knowledge at all. "

To this end, Mr. Yan also contacted the staff of the business hall that handled the business for the day. "He told me that all the business related to China Telecom was handled that day. He (the staff of the business hall) did not know about insurance. "

Mr. Yan contacted Eian Insurance again, and Eian Insurance's customer service staff told him that he could surrender the insurance. "Both holding the certificate to the Guangzhou branch or uploading the certificate to the official website, both policies can be terminated." In response, Mr. Yan said, "I have objections to this insurance policy. Why do I have to upload my documents to surrender?" "It is their (China Telecom) obligation to protect the privacy and security of customer information." Mr. Yan said, China Telecom is suspected of leaking personal information without his consent.

On the 22nd, the reporter contacted China Telecom's business hall in Kaiyuan Building, Jiyang. A staff member told reporters that "there is no such (easy insurance) project". The staff member said that she was not aware of whether Yi An Insurance was involved in the wing payment business.

Subsequently, the reporter called the customer service phone of Easy Insurance. A customer service staff member said that Mr. Yan's insurance is a security insurance for personal account funds. It is an insurance obtained from the sweet orange loan. It is a free insurance gift that is non-refundable. The customer service staff explained that e-Insurance has cooperation with Sweet Orange Mortgage. "About insurance, you need to contact the channel (Trange Orange Mortgage)."

The reporter also called the customer service phone of Wing Payment. Customer service staff told reporters that Wing Payment is a financial platform owned by China Telecom, and Yi An Insurance is a partner of Wing Payment. "This is a free insurance for wing payment account, it is a guarantee for the account, customers can rest assured." The customer service staff said that the insurance is to ensure the security of funds, not to disclose personal information to the insurance company.

The reporter called China Telecom's 10000 customer service hotline, and informed Mr. Yan's customer service staff of his mobile phone number and related matters. After consulting, the customer service staff said that the problems reported by Mr. Yan were already being addressed.

On the afternoon of the 23rd, Mr. Yan told reporters that China Telecom staff informed him on the 23rd that this insurance was generated by Mr. Yan himself. Mr. Yan said that the day of handling the business was completed with the assistance of the staff, and he did n’t know at all. It's irritating. "

On the afternoon of the 23rd, the reporter consulted Qiu Hongqi, a lawyer of Shandong Qianshun Law Firm, regarding the situation of Mr. Yan. Qiu Hongqi said that under the premise that China Telecom and Easy Insurance are two companies, if Mr. Yan is unaware of the insurance matters, according to the provisions of Article 253 of the Criminal Law on "Civil Invasion of Citizen Personal Information", China Telecom is suspected "Selling or providing citizen personal information to others in violation of relevant state regulations", Mr. Yan may report the case to the public security organs immediately. Back to Sohu, see more

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